Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shop Until You Drop

What a day!  It was time to stock up the camper before we leave California for Arizona and lose access to Trader Joe’s.  Rosie is fond of one of Trader Joe’s trademark products, Two Buck Chuck.  This may sound strange to those that have not shopped at this establishment; but it is a staple for many who do.  Two Buck Chuck is wine produced by Charles Shaw Vineyards and it sells for $1.99 a bottle.  I am not an authority on wine, but Rosie and apparently millions of Californians love this product.  We purchased a case of Pinot Grigio and a case of Shiraz.  The Vodka and club soda is my beverage of choice, purchased at Wal-Mart.


After Trader Joe’s, I plugged Wal-Mart into our GPS and headed for the nearest Wal-Mart identified as a Supercenter because that is our preferred source for groceries.  After partially filling two grocery carts we noticed there was no produce and no fresh meat.  A store employee confirmed that this was not a full Supercenter.  So we pay for our stuff and head for another “Supercenter” in Temecula.  This store turned out to be the real deal so we were able to stock up on produce and meat.  I also picked up a 90 day supply of my one and only ongoing medication.  In between Wal-Marts we were hungry so we stopped at a Subway for the second day in a row.  Would have liked to have had some Chinese, but did not find a Chinese Restaurant near to where we were traveling.  After 6 hours of shopping and California traffic we find ourselves back home trying to find a place to put all this stuff.  Here is a picture of about half of our supplies acquired today.


I managed to squeeze in a few pictures of our home for this week:

IMG_6169  IMG_6170IMG_6172  IMG_6178

There were about 20 fewer campers in Loop C when we returned.  We almost have the place to ourselves.  We like that a lot.

Time to pour a beverage and put up our feet.

Thanks for stopping by.


Laurie and George said...

Oh yeah, Two Buck Chuck. Good stuff :)

TravelBug-Susan said...

We love Trader Joe's too. In Oregon, we had one nearby and frequented it.

Looks like a very nice campsite.

The BooneDocks said...

Gotta love that Two Buck Chuck!