Monday, January 7, 2013

Extend and Review

We extended our stay here from tomorrow to Friday.  We have concerns about our ability to boondock for more than 3 or 4 days and we have 10 days before we are scheduled into Yuma.  So the plan now is to head for Borrego Springs in Anza Borrego State Park on Friday where we will set up in one of the desert boondocking areas.  If our systems cannot sustain us for 6 days, we will have the option of moving to Weise Lake Campground near Brawley, CA where they have 30 amp electric.  That will give us a chance to recharge the batteries before heading for Yuma.

My big project today was to open Windows Moviemaker and transfer all of our photos we took since we started full timing in April.  I will rearrange and delete photos so it will end up as a slide show about 30 minutes in length.  I have done this for the last few years and find Moviemaker flexible (and easy) to arrange pictures, add background music and place titles in various places in the show.  Then I can burn it to a DVD for showing to family and friends.  I am wondering if there is a place to upload the final slideshow to an internet site where it can be accessed by the public.  Does anyone have any suggestions in this regard?

No new campers came in today.  We are still three campers squeezed together in a campground that is mostly empty:


The picture doesn’t really show all the open sites, but there are many.

Dinner this evening was Rosie’s delicious turkey meatloaf (I avoid over consumption of beef to control my gout symptoms), a baked potato and baked beans.  Very filling.

Glad you could stop by.  Feel free to comment and offer suggestions about uploading slide shows or topics to blog about.

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BJ said...

I have uploaded my finished product to Utube, but I think 30 minutes is too long. They rejected mine each time that I did more than a few minutes.