Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Adventure

Boondocking in the desert.  We are in a dispersed camping area in Anza Borrego State Park about 4 miles from Borrego Springs.


We had a leisurely Friday morning at Lake Skinner Campground.  When we took the dogs for  walk we saw a hot air balloon off in the distance.  Rosie just had to take a picture for the blog, so here it is:


I topped off one almost empty propane tank on the way out of the campground.  It was a short and pleasant 85 mile drive to Borrego Springs, mostly on CA 79.  There was no drama on the road so we arrived here about 2 pm.  We parked in the center of a large area with about 25 motorhomes, trailers and Class C’s randomly parked around the perimeter.  We got out and walked around looking for a good spot.  We decided to flout the conventional wisdom and set up along the edge of the campground instead of backing in to a spot.  That way when we look out our living room window all we see is the desert, not other campers.  After getting unhitched and leveled up, we went into town to find the Post Office to mail some cards and pick up some Almond Milk at the local market.  The market is well stocked, but pricey; which is typical for a remote resort town.

Tomorrow we are going exploring to find what there is to see in the area and check out some trails we read about on other full timer blogs.  My immediate concern is our battery life.  We have been here about 4 hours using only LED lights and the batteries are already down to 64%.  That should not be.  So some investigation is in order tomorrow morning.  It is supposed to drop down to 28f by 6 am, so will be nippy in the morning.  That is the same temp we woke up to this morning near Temecula, so we know it is survivable.

Here is a picture of our rig with a sunset in the background:


Thanks for stopping by.


Laurie and George said...

Such a nice place to boondock. I've been reading Howard & Linda's blog about the place. Can't wait until we do something like that.

TexCyn said...

Love the pic of your rig with the background. Hope you figure the battery issue out. Keep warm!

Roger Amick said...

Stay warm and safe.

Roger Amick said...

Stay warm and safe.