Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Great Day!

We arose to a really neat sunrise on Wednesday.  I took this from the front step of our camper:


At 12:30 I went down to the Pool Room to observe the weekly Texas Holdum poker tournament.  A $5 buy in gets you in the game.  The bets are nickel, dime, quarter and half-dollar (my kind of bets).  You play until you lose all your $5 or win everyone else’s money.  Up to 6 players at one table.   Looks like something I want to try next week.

After that exciting event, we jumped in the truck to check out a hike along the Colorado River near the old Yuma Territorial Prison.  We all had a good walk.  Here are some pictures:

IMG_6464  IMG_6470IMG_6466




The pooches got a good workout during our mile and a half or so walk.  After the walk we checked out Fry’s Foods, a local grocery chain.  This is a really big store with a huge deli/bakery, Sushi bar, Chinese food takeout, a very nice fresh produce section, an expansive meat case (with thick slice peppered bacon) and a nice selection of wine.  All of this is less than a mile from our site at the RV Resort.

Rosie and I kept noticing the almost constant noise from Emergency Vehicle sirens.  Today I mentioned that to someone I met at the Pool Room and he said that when the Snowbirds are here, the average age in Yuma is about 80 years old.  Basically this is heart attack central during the winter.  Every time I hear a siren I am grateful that they are not coming for me.

I was able to play billiards with others today and it was great.  Although I haven’t played very much in the last few years, it comes back (like riding a bicycle).  I won two out of three games.  Way cool!

Thanks for stopping by.


Merikay said...

Beautiful sunrise. Great to be the young ones isn't it!

The BooneDocks said...

Our current park does 3 Texas holdem tournaments a week with about 40 players. I got fifth yesterday and got my 45 back. Woot woot.