Saturday, January 12, 2013

Highs And Lows

Today is a mixed bag. 

The lows are the fact that although my batteries “charge up” to 100% all day with the solar panel input, as soon as the sun goes down the battery level drops to 52% with no load and as soon as we turn on a light or recharge a laptop, it goes down to the 20% range.  Something is seriously amiss.  Tomorrow I will pull out all the batteries to check water levels and run a hydrometer on each cell.  It has to be one battery with a dead cell or something dragging down all 4 batteries.

That said, there were highs today.  We started off with a trip to the Visitor Center and picked up a lot of great information from the wonderful staff on duty.  From the visitor center we went to check out some of the “animal art” in the neighborhood.  It turns out an heir of the Avery Label company took a liking to this area and donated a lot of his wealth to improving the community.  He commissioned a metal artist from Temecula to create a large variety of animal art forms that are place in the area around town.  We visited half of them today.  Here are pictures taken by Rosie (if you double click on a picture it will come up in full size, hit the back arrow to return to the post):

IMG_6259  IMG_6267IMG_6268  IMG_6270

She insisted I include this cactus.

IMG_6272  IMG_6274

More animal art to come tomorrow.

After lunch we headed out for a hike at a place called The Slot.  It is out in the badlands and the hike is through some very narrow canyons.  Here are some pictures:

IMG_6285  IMG_6292IMG_6297  IMG_6302IMG_6305  IMG_6306

In addition finding more animal art tomorrow, we are planning a hike to an “oasis”.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Jim and Judy said...

Great Pics! Howard and Linda of is also staying there at this time. Howard could help you with your "power problem". I do not know which site, they have a Cambrige 5th wheel. Good Luck