Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Lazy Sunday

I actually slept in until 7:00 am this morning.  I cannot remember the last time I slept in that late.  Must be getting old.  I guess you know the puppies were past ready to go outside for their morning relief. 

Since we now have access to Trader Joe’s Pancake Mix, we have brought back our tradition of Sunday morning pancakes.  Sometimes I will add eggs, or ham (or both) to culminate in a scrumptious morning meal.  This morning it was ham, eggs and pancakes.  Yummy.

After breakfast we headed out for our long walk with the pups.  We had been wanting to walk down by the lake, so this was the morning we made the trek.  There were some shore fishermen not having much luck in the “catching” department, but they were “fishing”.  There was a large white pelican out in the middle of the lake.  I tried to get a picture with my zoom lens, but the pictures were all too blurry to post.  I did get some pictures of other water fowl and the lake though:




I also got a photo of my lovely bride and our fur kids:


When we returned to the camper after our walk, we discovered a nice Airstream had set up at the adjacent site.  Several other campers had cleared out and so here we are, 3 campers right next to each other in a campground with about 60 vacant sites.  Very strange how that can happen.  The rest of the day consisted of television watching during intermittent rain showers with one little hail storm mixed in.  For dinner we finished up the Chicken Cacciatore from yesterday.  It was still very tasty. 

Tomorrow starts another week.  I am hoping some work assignments, some web site business (or both) comes in.  Gotta pay the bills.

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Jim and Judy said...

You are doing great on your "daily blog resolution." I wish I could.