Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Day In Camp

Today was less exhausting than yesterday.  No shopping on the agenda.  We never left the campground.  However, the day did get off to a challenging start.  Awakening at 4:00 am for a nature call, I noted the heater was blowing cold air.  I had been aware that I had one empty propane tank and was not sure of the status of the second tank.  I had planned to refill the empty tank yesterday afternoon, but I was too pooped to get it done.  So we paid the price for my procrastination this morning.  Fortunately, we do have a small electric space heater on board so I plugged it in and set it on the kitchen counter.  The temperature at 6:00 am was a chilly 35 F., but the electric heater made it bearable inside the rig.

So when I took Rosie up to the laundry this morning, I had both tanks refilled ($58 total at $3.99 a gallon – ouch).  Before laundry and propane acquisition, we took the pooches on a walk on the trail that goes around the campground loops.  During the walk we had a chance to chat with another full timing couple that also own an Alpenlite.  They are here for an extended stay at the $500 monthly rate. 

After laundry was done and stowed away, Rosie made the bed (one of her favorite things to do) and I set about reorganizing the liquor cabinet and basement to accommodate our bar stocking purchases yesterday.  I also set up the sewer hose so all we have to do is pull the handles on the tanks as needed.

A few more doggie walks in the afternoon and some relaxing in the gravity chairs with an adult beverage before grilling some pork chops for dinner.  Oh, I also gave the grill a long past due cleaning.

Tomorrow we are planning a day trip to Anza Borrego State Park to check out potential boondocking sites for our transition to Yuma.

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