Sunday, January 20, 2013

Broken Promises :-(

OK!  I haven’t kept up with my commitment to write a blog every day.  I did not realize how difficult it is to write about your experiences every day, when you have days that are remarkably uneventful.  I really admire those that can do it, but I am obviously not getting it done.  So, my new commitment is to blog whenever there is something reasonably interesting to talk about.  I don’t know how often that will be, but hopefully several times a week.

Saturday (yesterday) was laundry day (real exciting), but we also got a tour of greater Yuma from our friends Brian & Teresa.  We were shown where all the major shopping stores are and some of the well known restaurants, like Famous Dave’s BBQ, (one of my favorites).

Today we went to Albertson’s to stock up on things that Wal-Mart does not carry, like fresh fish and my favorite bacon in the whole wide world.  Albertson’s has thick sliced and peppered bacon in the meat case that is to die for.  That would be my choice for a last meal. 

Later in the day, we ventured out to The Cocopah Casino, about 15 miles away and blew $15 each on various slot machines.  We took a chance and left the pooches in the camper for the 2.5 hours we were away.  The neighbors reported they did not hear them bark at all while we were gone until Sammy heard the sound of my diesel when we returned. 

Then it was time for Sunday night surf and turf; salmon for Rosie and Sirloin for me. 



Sunsets are starting to be pretty here in Yuma.  Our friends tell us they get spectacular as we get into the next month or so.

Thanks for stopping by.


TexCyn said...

It is hard to blog daily! When I started mine, I intended to do that...but I don't blog daily anymore. Course, I'm not traveling either, so blogging daily could get boring on my part. Yum, peppered bacon - just YUM! And more YUM! :-)

Donna K said...

I no longer blog daily either. Even when we're traveling...I found I was spending so much time writing about our adventures that I wasn't spending enough time living the adventures. Do what feels right.

I think I need to make a trip to Albertson's!!

Laurie and George said...

Yes, I am finding that blogging every day, especially when workamping, can get tedious and boring ;) I've been tending to blog a couple times a week and just do an update. Albertson's is a great grocery store!

kcgaz said...

I blog when I have something to say, sometimes I go two or three days with nothing. Figure it is better to write something interesting than to say nothing is going on.