Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Prep

It is that time of year to start getting ready to take the ol’ camper on the road.  Yesterday we got 4 new tires, had the wheel bearings packed and put in a new Battery Disconnect switch.  Eagle Rock RV here in Idaho Falls did a great job with spring preparation, including adjusting the slide by 3/8’s of an inch to center it in the opening.  This will save a lot of wear and tear on one side of the main slide where it was too close to the chassis.  The owner, John Henry, also spent some time in the rig with us giving us tips on maintenance and utilities.

Thursday is April 1st.  I will go get the rig licensed and registered for the year.  Idaho does their RV registration and licensing by calendar year.  By waiting until April 1st, we get 25% off the annual cost.  After I get the license plates on, it is up to the local propane dealer to fill the propane tanks; then back home to start cleaning it inside and out.  We have to line all the cabinets and drawers with rubber matting and then start stocking everything that has been stored in the basement since we sold Thumper last October.

If the weather is nice next Monday, we will take our maiden voyage with “Alphie” to the local City Park where we can boondock for one night for free.  It is a very nice little park right on the Snake River.  I will take pictures and post how it goes.

Friday, March 5, 2010



Here it is, March 4th.  Temps in the 40’s for the last few days.  Snow is melting.  I went over to the storage lot to check out the camper yesterday.  No leaks observed.  One tire seems low on air, but not bad for sitting for 4 months.  On April 1st, I can go get the license plates and registration for 2010.  Then up to Big O for tires and a wheel bearing pack.  We are anxious to check out all the functions of the rig to see if everything works.  I hope it is warm enough in
April to make a couple of very local overnight trips.

Our big trip this year is all planned.  I am waiting on siblings to make up their mind on a location for an early June get together somewhere between here and Rapid City.