Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day Trip to Quartzite

Well, we finally made it to the Big Q; Quartzite, Arizona for the January gathering and festivities:


Quartzite is 73 miles from our “Resort” here in Yuma.  A pleasant drive on a good road.  I don’t think I have ever seen so many motor homes and campers on one stretch of highway.  We arrived about 10:30 am and found a parking spot in about 15 minutes.  We walked over to the big tent, (think 3 circus size tents): and mingled with the crowd:


This is one end of the Big Tent.


Is Rosie looking a little overwhelmed?


Inside the Big Tent.


Outdoor Food Vendors


Checking out our downsizing options!


Vendor Humor

I picked up a couple of LED lights for a great price.  I had an Italian Sausage on a bun with potato fries and Rosie had a hot dog.  Then we shared a Pecan Praline Ice Cream Cone.  We even checked out some new fifth wheels.  They really look fancy and have some neat features, but we decided we were really comfortable in our Alpenlite.

Speaking of Alpenlites, after leaving the vendor area we looked up my Facebook friend and e-mail buddy, Jim Schrankel and his wife Linda.  Jim and Linda are full timers that also own a 1997 Alpenlite.  Theirs is slightly different than ours, but they have done a wonderful job of redecorating the interior.  I connected with Jim on RV-Net over a year ago and we have been writing back and forth ever since.  They were residents of Washington State before hitting the road.  It was so good to finally meet up. We chatted like old friends for over an hour before heading back south towards Yuma.  The boondocking possibilities around Quartzite look fantastic.  We will surely give it a try in the future.

On the way home, we checked out the Imperial Dam LTVA (Long Term Vehicle Access) area about 20 miles north of Yuma.  We were not impressed and crossed that off our list of possible places to boondock.

After a stop at the Post Office, we got back home.  This evening was Pool Tournament night at the Pool Hall and I went over to check out the proceedings.   Just went to observe this time; on Friday I will take my cue and sign up for the games.

We continue to enjoy our life here in Yuma.

Thanks for stopping by!


Laurie and George said...

I would like to do Quartzite at least once. I have to talk George into it first :)

Donna K said...

Looks like you had an interesting day. Never been to Q during the season. We were through in March one year and it was deserted.

Merikay said...

Almost went, another year perhaps. We saved a lot of money not going!

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