Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Days!

It is so good to be back at Toll Bridge County Park.  We get the same good feeling we had when we were here last summer and fall.  On Thursday we cleaned up some fallen limbs in the public area.  Met with our Manager, Cory, to go over what was new in the park.  We have all new soap, towel and toilet paper dispensers in all the bathrooms.  These are a big improvement over the old stuff. 

Yesterday afternoon our first camper in was pulling a 1998 Alpenlite.  Of course, I had to go get their story.  They recently purchased the unit and this was their “maiden voyage”.  I was able to show the owner a few things about the rig and we had our first sale of firewood to them.

We both had a good sleep last night and awoke refreshed and ready for a new day.  I set up a screened canopy over the picnic table on our site.


With that in place we can get more use out of the picnic table.  I can grill in the rain; we can have camp host meetings in the rain; we can eat outside without being invaded by bees.

Rosie got busy with site cleaning.  That girl loves working out doors.  Give her a rake, a shovel and a campsite that needs cleanup and she is one happy camper.  See the smile on her face:


Our 3 campers with reservations came in today.  Also had 2 drive in customers today.  Another reservation is due in tomorrow.  I grilled pork chops for dinner and it is a good thing I had set up the screened canopy.  It started to sprinkle just as I was putting the meat on the grill.

The pooches are have a great time here.  I think they remember it from last year.  Since there is hardly anyone here and no other dogs on site, I can let them off leash on occasion.  Boy, do they love that.  Annie gets to chase squirrels, up to the point that they climb a tree.  She gets that “how do they do that” look on her face.  Kinda cute.  Sammy is to wise for that exercise in futility; he knows which critters can climb trees.

Thanks for stopping by.


Laurel Owen said...

Glad to see you are in your favorite spot! Rosie looks very content with that rake in her hand :)

Nan Talley said...

Have a super summer! I think I'd enjoy raking now that I have not had a rake in my hands for about three years.