Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rain Snow & Sunshine

Oregon weather at it’s finest in April.  Left Corning, CA yesterday morning with a light rain coming down that progressed to steady rain for many miles.  At Weed, CA (what a name) we transitioned from I-5 to Highway 97.  As soon as we got on 97 the rain stopped and clouds disappeared and it was sunny and the roads were dry.  Stayed that way until we started climbing in elevation towards our destination of Crescent, OR.  Arrived at the Big Pines RV Park in a light snow fall.  BTW, this is a nice campground and the owner, Bruce, is a great guy.  Led us to our level pull through and helped guide me in place.  All I had to do was plug into the 50 amp outlet and attach the cable TV.  The campground is in the woods and is very scenic.  This picture was taken about 7:00 am Wednesday morning and that is a snow/frost combination on the ground.   It was about 28 degrees when I took this.


Pulled out of there about 8:00 am and headed north.  The roads were slightly icy in some spots.  I had a heart stopping moment when the truck slid slightly sideways for a split second.  Not a fun experience when pulling 14,000 pounds of camper.  I was only doing 40 to 45 mph, along with most of the other vehicles, when it happened.  We continued onward dropping in elevation and soon got out into the open sun where the trees weren’t shading the road.  Stopped at Wal-Mart in Bend for a few necessities and headed north again.  On the north end of Madras OR, we changed to highway 26 and headed northwest towards Portland.  Eventually we turned right on highway 35 and arrived at Tollbridge Campground about 1:00 pm.  We were greeted by our friend Jim Schrankel, who will be holding down the other camp hosting site for the whole season.  Jim was the one that referred us to this gig last year; and we loved it so much we came back for more.  This year we get the Number One Camp Host site up front near the office.  Here is a picture of the site:


We are all set up nice and cozy.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Susan Alton said...

Oh, icy patches. I can understand your heart skipping a beat. Glad it turned out okay.

Have fun at your #1 host gig. Oregon is so beautiful.