Sunday, October 6, 2013

Park Happenings!

Things are achanging at Tollbridge County Park.  The weather is cooler and wetter; the leaves on the trees are turning yellow, orange and red:

IMG_7249  IMG_7250

IMG_7236   IMG_7231 


And Mount Hood has accumulated some snow.


Now I have a touching story to tell you.  Rosie was out on a firewood delivery when she came across a young girl and her father placing an object on the ground next to the road.  The girl, who was about eight years of age, explained;  she was walking with her father when they saw a bird nest on the ground.  Further observation revealed some dead baby birds in the nest.  The girl insisted that they give the little birds a proper burial.  So the father gets a shovel, digs a shallow hole in the dirt and they gently place the nest and the birds in the hole and cover it up.  The young girl thought more ought to be done to honor the little birds.  So she went shopping for a couple of days in Hood River and found what she thought would be a proper marker for the little babies.  She and her father returned to place the marker over the grave of the little birds.  Here is the grave site:


And here is a close up of the grave marker:


As you can see, the marker consists of angels holding up a birds nest with baby birds in the nest.  I congratulate this father for raising a little girl to be this kind, considerate and caring; and for supporting her wishes in giving these little birds a final resting place.  This world needs more people like this.

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Betty Graffis said...

What a sweet, sweet story. Joe and I commented just yesterday about Mt. Hood getting a new white dress. Beautiful.

Laurie and George said...

Aww..that made me sniff. So nice!

Nan Talley said...

So glad that the father supported his daughter's wishes. She has a tender heart. Mount Hood has surely changed in the last six weeks.

Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

What a great story. Travel safe

Karen and Al said...

What a sweet story.