Thursday, October 3, 2013

There Is A Sun!

After 4 days of constant precipitation, the sun finally came out today.  Hurrah!   However, the night time lows are in the mid 30’s.  I filled up another propane tank today, the second in a little over a week.  Looks like fall is here, some of the trees are starting to change colors from bright green to yellow, orange and brown.  I am taking a weekly series of pictures of the trees viewed from my office in the camper and will post them before we leave here on the 20th.

Things have been quiet here.  We have had as few as 3 campers in the last week or so.  We have 5 sites occupied as of mid-afternoon today.  There are reservations for 7 sites for this weekend.  We had too much to do in Hood River to get it all done in one day, so we went to town both Tuesday and Wednesday.  We found a great Mexican food restaurant in town.  Our two experiences at the BBQ place in Parkdale were OK, not memorable.  We are planning to treat ourselves to dinner at a nearby ski resort restaurant before we leave.

Our friends, Jim and Linda Schrankel, will be camp hosting with us here next year.  They referred us for this job and we are grateful that they did.  We are exploring possibilities of camp hosting jobs in So. Calif. during the winter months.  Nothing firm yet.  It may take until the winter of 2014/15 to secure something.

Here are the numbers for September:

Camping – $0.00 (free site for camp hosting)

Diesel Fuel when pulling – $0.00

Truck Service/Repairs – $0.00

RV  Repairs/Service – $0.00

Generator Gas/Propane - $21.22

Metered Electricity – $0.00

Satellite TV/Radio – $81.65

Campground Pet Fees – $0.00

Laundry – $25.00

Total = $127.87  (Work Camping sure cuts down on expenses)

Thanks for stopping by!


Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

Work camping sure dose cut down on expenses.

Laurie and George said...

It sure is an eye opener how much money is saved by workamping. Even our dining out expense goes down.

Roger Amick said...

Looking forward to seeing you in November!