Saturday, October 26, 2013

Catching Up!

Yes, I have some catchin’ up to do.  My last post was last Sunday, almost a week has flown by.

On Monday we traveled from Farewell Bend State Park in Oregon to Three Island Crossing State Park in Idaho.  We have loved Three Island Crossing since the first time we stayed there in 2010.  The campground is very well maintained, the sites are large and well spaced and the fee for Idaho old folks is $11.66 a night plus a one time (not per night) registration fee of $5.00.  That fee is good Monday through Thursday nights.  Weekends are a bit higher.

On Tuesday we pulled over to Juniper Campground in the Ririe Reservoir Recreation area about 15 miles east of Idaho Falls.  This is a County Campground.  It is also well maintained with large, well spaced sites.  The fee there is $16.00 a night. 

Our purpose in detouring through Idaho Falls on our way to Southern California was for Rosie to have a Colonoscopy procedure.  For a procedure that you sleep through and is over in 20 minutes or so, the day and half prep is hell.  No solid food the day before.  No food or liquids the morning of the procedure.  The good news is that nothing harmful was found and she doesn’t have to do it again for 5 years.  After the procedure, it was off to Chuck A Rama for a “stuff yourself to the max” buffet lunch.  On the other medical front, we both went to doctors, me to complain about chronic hip and knee pain; her to check on her last thyroid test results.   After some discussions and medication adjustments we went on our merry way.  Getting old is no fun anymore Sad smile.

Friday we had lunch with our old friends, Joe and Anne Hayes, at Perkins; followed by a Wal-Mart stock up of the pantry.  We also went to our storage unit to retrieve 3 boxes of family photo albums to take to the kids in Southern California.  We are starting on a plan to eliminate our need for the storage unit.  After 18 months on the road, we have figured out that some of the stuff we have in storage can be eliminated.  We will give some of it to charity, other stuff to relatives and the absolutely must keep stuff will go into storage at the home of one of my brothers in South Dakota.

Today we arrived at Canyon View RV Park in Spanish Fork Utah.  It is a City Park with 30 amp electric and water hookups for $12.00 a night.  It is basically a parking lot with hookups at the rear of parking spaces.  But there is some heavy brush to the rear with picnic tables so there is somewhat a feeling of nature.

IMG_7311  IMG_7314

So I grilled a couple of pork chops, along with some asparagus and a baked potato, for dinner.  My tummy is full.

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Donna Rash said...

If you get back to OR, give me a call. Enjoyed reading your blog. I'm in Silverton, OR. Donna (Doran-Lang) Rash

Donna Rash said...
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Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

Hi Donna, We will be back at Tollbridge for the months of April, May, August, September and October in 2014. We would love for you to come by and say Hi.