Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tire Troubles Again!

Friday morning we pull out of the Snake River RV Park at 8:00 am headed for Caldwell, ID.  About 20 miles down the road on I-15, a pickup pulls alongside and the passenger motions for me to roll down my window.  When I get the window down he says “You blew a tire”.  Oh Great!  I immediately pull over to the shoulder on the interstate get out to take a look.  Here is what I found on the right rear wheel of the camper:



How lucky can a fella be?  What gets me is I didn’t hear or feel a thing when it went.  The tire in front was holding the rear rim about 1 inch off the pavement.  I reckon if the front tire blew and everything settled on the rims, I would certainly notice that!!!  Thanks to an unknown Good Samaritan, it did not develop into a disaster.  The Good Sam Emergency Roadside Service folks had a tow truck out there in about 30 minutes to change the tire.  When we got the wheel off , this is what we found:


The outer tire tread was still intact and wrapped around the axle.  Thankfully the tow truck operator was young and strong.  With the help of a big pry bar, he managed to get it off.  After putting the spare in place, we drove to Big O Tires in Pocatello to get two new tires.  The tire that blew was installed in April 2010.  So now I have two new tires and two that were put on in October 2012.  They are the same brand and same tread so they should be fine.  So we pay the $356 tab and hit the road on I-86 West.  Now I need to call my RV Insurance Company to see if they cover the damage to the RV fender.


We arrived at Country Corners RV Park about 5:00 pm after a 323 mile day.  We stayed at this park last year and it is a delightful place.  The management is super nice.  There is an enclosed dog run.  The owners have a huge garden and they encourage campers to help themselves to fresh veggies.  Rosie went and picked some tomatoes, carrots, a green pepper and some squash.

Today I had a work assignment in Boise so I took care of that little bit of business and was back home a little after 1:00 pm.  Tomorrow morning we head for Tollbridge County Park just south of Hood River Oregon for our first workcamping adventure.  I will be sure to write and let all of you know how things are working out.

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Me and My Dog ...and My RV said...

Wow, that was a bad experience that could have been soooo much worse. Sounds like you guys took it in stride. Enjoy your campground, it sounds really nice. I'm looking forward to reports about your workcamping adventures. :)

Donna K said...

My goodness, that is a nasty looking blowout. Glad it was not worse.

Anthony Lane said...

Yikes! That was really bad. I agree with Donna, though, that it could have been worse. Good thing that pickup passenger saw your tire and told you about it. Your trip could have been a disaster, and I’m glad it wasn’t.

Anthony Lane