Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Problem Solved!

We arrived at Tollbridge County Park on Sunday, August 11th, for our first Camp Hosting gig.  This is the best site, in the best environment, with the best weather we have had since we began full timing in April 2012.  We have a huge site with full hookups, including 50 amp service.   The area is heavily wooded and the temperatures are in the high 50’s to the low 80’s.  No wind and only intermittent light rain.




So what problems could there possibly be?  Absolutely zero access to television, over the air or satellite.  We can live with that.  We have satellite radio that works just fine.  We had been talking about cutting ourselves off of cable news networks anyway, so here is our chance to go cold turkey.  After a couple of days, we turned on CNN on the satellite radio and after 10 minutes of nothing but bad news, we turned it off and switched to ‘60’s rock and roll.  The other problem is a little more significant; very weak Verizon signal for internet access.   It took forever to send and receive a short e-mail and forget about anything with a picture.  We found a local café with internet access and used it for a couple of time, but that was not the solution.  Talking with our manager from Hood River County, we learned this is a strong AT&T area.  Then one of the campers mentioned she had great internet access with her AT&T MiFi.  So today was our first full day off and we had a lot to do; but the first thing we did was find the nearest AT&T store looking for solutions.  I ended up with an AT&T MiFi for .99 cents and a two year contract for 5 GB a month for $50 a month.  Since my primary need is for my two small businesses, that is a good solution.  When we finally got back to the campsite this afternoon, I hooked everything up and IT WORKED.  We have fast internet service for our 2 laptops and my Samsung Galaxy 2 tablet.  I just downloaded two books from Kindle and it took less than a minute.  Now I have 2 sources for internet access.  When one is weak, or I am approaching my GB limit on one, I can switch to the other.  How sweet it is!

After doing the laundry at a poorly maintained Laundromat, we drove up Interstate 84 to Multnomah Falls.  I had seen photos of the falls in many guidebooks, so I was anxious to show it to Rosie.  This is pretty spectacular:

                        IMG_7067  IMG_7071

I was not able to get the entire falls from top to bottom in one shot.  Another bit of good news is that I was able to walk up to the upper bridge you see in the picture on the left.  I did stop and rest at each switchback in the paved path, but no heavy breathing.  It seems my CardioVersion procedure is still holding.

Well I am going to see how long it takes to upload this post to my web site.  I will be back soon with a description of the Campground, how we are faring with our new duties and a general catch-up.

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Laurie and George said...

I really wish we could make it to Multnomah before we head east, but it looks like we'll miss it this time. I haven't been there since I was a teen. It is beautiful! Good luck with your new workamping job.

Roger Amick said...

Is this site in Washington or Oregon?

Roger Amick said...
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