Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Relief Is In Sight

Finally, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't a train.  While I stayed in our new home this morning, Rosie went back to the old home and got a lot of major cleaning done.  At 10:00 am, Tim the RV guy and his wife Annette came to the site to finish the final touches on the refrigerator.  It now goes to gas when the AC is turned off.  He also disabled two circuit breakers so we, or inquisitive grandchildren, wouldn't fry the inverter systems by flipping the breakers to ON.  I paid them for all the work they have done over the last two months to bring our '97 Alpenlite into the 21st century, RV wise.  The inside feels like new due to the new carpet and I know we will really get our value out of the solar panels and inverter installations.  I discussed the weight situation with Tim and he suggested that we shift as much weight forward over the front stabilizers and the hitch if we could not reduce weight.  Good advice, I thought.

I wandered over about 2:00 pm with the dogs to see how things were going.  My bride inherited "The White Tornado" syndrome from her mom.  She even mopped the floor of the garage, along with cleaning the utility room, vacuuming the entire basement and scrubbing down the basement bathroom.  Things are really looking good.

Our good friend, Joe Hayes, took delivery of the last big items in the house; the refrigerator, a king size bed and the grill.  He brought over a couple of muscular young fellas to manhandle these items out of my house and into his house about a block and a half away.  I figured the lawn needed some watering so I put out the sprinkler and hose for awhile.  Of course that brought in a thunderstorm with a good downpour a couple of hours later.

We loaded the car and the truck with some last minute items to bring to the site.  Tomorrow we will devote time to sorting and selecting final items to go, or not to go, with us when we leave here.  No visit to the old house tomorrow.

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TexCyn said...

Ya'll must be exhausted! Hope you rest well tonight. Now to start the adventure into your new lifestyle! :-)