Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trouble In Paradise

A couple of minor glitches in the camper condition today.  This morning I noticed some screws protruding from the underside of my overhang.  Good thing I saw them first, and did not discover them by having my head come in contact with one of them.


So I called Tim, the RV guy, and he came over to see what happened.  Turned out that in securing the carpet in the bedroom, he use screws that were 3/4 of an inch toooooo long.  Well, he replaced the screws and sealed the holes with a strip of adhesive rubber.


Then, when we returned from our final “wipe down” of the house, I notice this:


So I go outside and check on the window and this is what I see:


When we arrived back at the campground, one of the staff was out with the riding lawnmower.  It was apparent that the lawnmower picked up a rock, which ricocheted off another rock and flew up and hit our window.  So about 11:00 am I report to the campground management what I thought happened.  Within 20 minutes the guy who did the mowing came by and accepted responsibility.  About 30 minutes after that a mobile RV service showed up and assessed the situation.  He gave me two options; replace the broken window with Plexiglass today or replace the window with the reflective tempered glass (like the original) which would take two weeks.  They would have to take the window out for measuring, cut the glass, send the cut glass to Salt Lake City for tempering and bring it back and install it.  I opted for the quick fix.   Four hours after reporting the damage, the window was replaced.  From the inside I could not tell the difference.  From the outside, it is apparent the new window is not reflective glass. Here is the result:


So, that was our excitement for the day.  We did finish getting absolutely everything out of the old house.  Rosie cleaned and vacuumed like crazy; I mowed the lawn for the last time and we are done.  All we have to do now is go back Sunday afternoon and take out the trash for pickup on Monday morning.  Sometime Monday we close and we are free; free at last, of being tied down to one fixed location.  How wonderful.


TexCyn said...

Oh, neither of these are good. I'd be sick to my stomach had I seen this happen to my rig!

Jennifer Sathe-Mahler said...

Wow, at least it wasn't pouring down rain during all of this. I'm glad it ended well. So what are your plans, are you going to tour the country?

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

Hi TexCyn, my rig is old so I am happy with the fixes in both cases.

Jennifer, yes we plan to travel the western half of the country for as many years as we are able. We have kids/grandkids in So. Calif.; family in South Dakota, Nebraska and Texas; and good friends in Colorado. We also love the Pacific Northwest for camping. So we will be getting around.

Me and My Dog said...

You have a great attitude - things happen, and these would have bothered me. But you just need to take care of business and get on with enjoying your life. I'll bet you'll be great at full-timing.

Good luck Monday - my condo recorded on Friday - yesterday - and it IS such a nice feeling to be done with the sticks and bricks for now.

Did you know your word verification was on? :(

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

No, I didn't know my word verification was on. When I make a comment it doesn't come up. I just checked the settings on Blogger and I think I turned it off. I hope so.