Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Gathering

This is the 17th consecutive family reunion Rosie and I have attended in Colome, South Dakota.  This event was the focus of our summer vacations when we were working and is the focus of our summer RV travels now that we are are retired.  The primary organizers of this annual event are my 3 cousins, Connie, Gaye and Jeanne, who are daughters of my aunt, Rita Stroschine.  2009 was the 20th annual reunion and was very well attended.  Rosie and I typically arrive on Thursday.  Most of the other out of towners show up on Friday and many local neighbors join us to enjoy the evening meal on Saturday.  Locally grown vegetables are in abundance.  I have the honor and privilege of being the Grill Meister on Friday night with able assistance from my brother Roger.  Burgers, dogs and brats hit the grill about 6:00 pm and everyone has a great time.  This photo is from 2009:


The weather this year was definitely  among the hottest ever, hitting 100+ on Saturday; and the humidity was up there also.  We spent most of the afternoon in the camper hoping the generator wouldn’t quit on us so we could get some cool air from the air conditioner.   Fortunately the nights were very cool by comparison and sleeping was comfortable.

Here are some pictures from this years event:

IMG_3651 IMG_3661

RV Central                                                            Some of the younger generation.

 IMG_3675 IMG_3680

Chow down on Saturday night.                               Typical scene for a mid-day meal.

IMG_3652 IMG_3655

Staying cool in the shade.                                     The kids love the horseback rides.

Nothing eventful in our trip here from Yankton.  It is only about 125 miles over rolling country highways.  I had the truck 5,000 mile service attended to in Yankton.  I was concerned about the brakes after that descent down Monarch Pass, but they passed inspection with flying colors.  We left the reunion site about 10 am on Sunday headed for Mobridge, South Dakota; specifically Indian Creek State Recreation Area on the Missouri River.  That part of the journey will be covered later.

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