Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BLM equals serenity.


The above is the view from my office on wheels as I prepare the post catching us up to date on our western US tour for 2010. 

Monday found us wending our way eastward on Hwy 58, then Interstate 40 from Barstow to Needles.  The temperature kept hovering between 90 and 104.  I kept watching the temperature gauges on the truck for engine and transmission heat and they stayed pretty much within normal range.  We pulled into the KOA at Needles about 5:39.  It was 101 degrees.  I picked the KOA because of dependable 50 amp service to power both air conditioners.  We needed it.  KOA here is in the desert with sandy desert soil and few plants.  I did not take any pictures.

Tuesday we crossed the border into AZ and filled up with cheap diesel and found a Wal-Mart in Kingman.  It was a challenge to get into the parking lot and I ran the right wheels on the camper over a few curbs.  From that point it was a steady climb to about 7,000 ft. in Flagstaff.  Turned south on Interstate 17 and drove 13 miles to a BLM site at exit 326.  A short 1/2 mile to the county transfer station and we were in a huge wooded area with fairly decent dirt roads leading to many options for camping.  Just beside the Transfer Station is a huge tower that holds among other technological wizardry, a Verizon Cell site.  So here we are in the woods, can barely see any other campers through the trees and five bar reception on the cell phone and Verizon wireless internet card.  Life is really good. 

Wednesday we drove into Flagstaff for groceries and a Universal Remote (for the TV) to replace the one we crushed when we let the slide out. We even get digital NBC over the air here.   Well, we are getting ready for evening drinks (tea for Rosie and hot chocolate for me) sitting outside watching the sun set through the trees.  Here are some pictures of this location, but they do not do it justice:

IMG_3393 IMG_3404

The view from the door of the camper.                 A great cloud.  The cell tower is on the right.

IMG_3406 IMG_3414

A funky fungus in a tree stump.                           Alphie in the woods.    

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