Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back in the “hood”

We had the great pleasure of spending 4 days back in our old neighborhood this week.  Our former neighbors let us park the camper in their back yard from Tuesday to Saturday.  We got reacquainted with old neighbors and Rosie was delighted to be able to get out into the mountains on Thursday and hike with her former hiking group.


After the hike there was a gathering at the home of our hosts Mark and Janice, with all the hikers and some other friends that Rosie had not seen in many years.  Mark boiled bratwurst in beer and water, then touched them up on the grill.


Janice spent many hours preparing a very special sauerkraut. The guests all brought a variety of yummy side dishes and I managed to eat way too much food.


There were many hours of lively conversation and catching up with the lives of many old friends.  Before people starting heading for home we managed to get a picture of the whole group.


I managed to keep busy with some maintenance work on the camper in between games of billiards with Mark.  Friday evening the four of us enjoyed a superb dinner at the South Park Steakhouse in Fairplay, CO.  Fairplay is the county seat and a delightful old small Colorado town that has been resurging in the area with new eateries and shopping venues.  I wish I had taken my camera to capture the food presentation.  I had BBQ braised buffalo short ribs with caramelized onions that was incredible.  The French Onion Soup was also to die for.

Saturday morning reality returned as we were preparing to leave.  The refrigerator refused to switch to gas and it would not even light up when I put a grill lighter torch to it.  Since we were headed through Denver, we stopped at Camping World to see if we could get it looked at.  The lady behind the service counter said they could get to it on Friday.  I said that I had to be in South Dakota on Friday.  She pulled out a card and referred me to an RV repair shop about 2 mile away.  I called them and they said “Sure, we can look at it right away”.  When we arrived, a service tech came out, opened up the refrigerator panels, removed the metal coverings around the burner mechanism and pointed to a BB sized accumulation of gunk on the pilot lighting mechanism.  He pulled out the air hose, gave it a couple of blasts of high pressure air and lo and behold, the flame started right up.  He would blow it out and it would immediately re-ignite.  After he buttoned everything back in place, I asked him how much I owed him.  He wished me a good day and safe travels.  I insisted 3 times on payment for his service and he continued to decline.  This is an example of the good people in this world.  We feel so fortunate to have this problem fixed; and to have it fixed at no cost is incredible.

After fixing the refrigerator, we continued on our journey to our next stop, the home of my brother Bill in Eaton, CO.  Bill and his wife, Joanie, have just moved into a beautiful new home about 2 weeks ago. We had a great time catching up with them and their son, Brian and his family.  We will be heading out for North Platte, Nebraska shortly on our way to my home town, Yankton, South Dakota.

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