Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Alaska trip - Day 12

We awoke at 4:00 am because of the bright daylight coming in the windows. I may never get used to this. Stayed in bed until 5:15 then got up to take Sammy out. Headed down to the boat dock with fishing rod in hand, but there was a breeze coming off the lake that was downright cold. I went back to the camper to fix breakfast and warm up with coffee and Peppermint Schnapps (a morning favorite of mine while camping). After breakfast, I tried the dock again, but no luck. We stopped over and said goodbye to our new friends, Jim & Jeri Tyndall; then hit the road north.

The first wildlife sighting of the day was a bull caribou that walked out of the woods on the left side of the road, took one look at the road and the traffic and did an about face and went right back into the woods. No time to get the camera ready. A little later traffic ahead of us stopped for 2 black bears running across the road; missed that shot also. Next we did manage to get a picture of a large bison standing by the road. He didn’t care enough about traffic to even move a muscle. After that we missed a shot of a bull moose that came out of the woods on the right and ran along the edge of the woods until we had the camera ready, and then he dove back into the forest. Not a good day for wildlife photography.

We are still in the Canadian Rockies; a lot of grades to climb and descend; snow capped peaks off in the distance and several large rivers to cross. I did manage to get some pictures of the scenery.

After 250 miles, we pulled into the Continental Divide RV Park. This is a nice, newer, campground with some trees around it and large sites. The wi-fi system is down (story of my life in remote areas) and no cell service either. Oh, well; it is Sunday and I don’t have web business customers to serve today. We spent some time this evening with another couple that are full time RV’rs. They live in their motor home full time; wintering near Phoenix and traveling from April to November. They are headed out on their first trip to Alaska also.

This campground has a free RV washing station so we rinsed the grime off the truck and the camper. Rosie, trooper that she is, scrubbed the floor of the camper on her hands and knees. What a woman. Well, I hope to send all this stuff out Monday night from Haines Junction, our last night in Canada. We cross the Alaska border on Tuesday.

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