Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Alaska trip - Day 11

Rosie says I must tell you about the group from Denmark that has rented 16 RV’s and is headed for Alaska. They were staying in the same campground as us last night. We know this because one of them came over looking for advice on how to use a cell phone in Canada. Since he had a European cell phone and European cell plan, we had no idea; but he was interesting to talk with. We are starting to recognize some of the RV’s that we have seen in earlier campsites.

Today we drove 156 miles from Fort Nelson to Muncho Lake. This is one beautiful spot. The highest price for a campground ($42.00) and fuel ($1.63 per litre); but we have a site 20’ from an incredible lake. We were setting up at the same time as another couple and we got to talking. They are from Alberta, Canada; just north of Calgary and they were headed for Dawson City in the Yukon Territory to pan for gold. We spent a lot of time in the afternoon talking with them and he went with me over to the boat dock while I did some fishing. First cast brought in an 18” lake trout. After that, nothing that evening or even the next morning. He and I surmised that I had caught the last trout in the lake. I do have a photo of this fish for all of you doubters out there.

We saw one bear, 3 mountain sheep and 2 deer on the road today. Got pictures of the deer and 2 of the sheep (they may be goats, I am not sure). The weather was a mix of overcast and partly cloudy. It did get a little sunny in the afternoon after we set up, so we got to sit in the sun on the lakeshore.

Tomorrow we head north again. I am not certain where we will spend the night, but there are several possibilities.

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