Thursday, June 5, 2008

Alaska trip - Day 14

This was not such a good day. The road was pretty bad from Haines Junction to the Alaska border. A lot of gravel stretches and even more paved highway with frost heaves. Those are areas where the pavement ripples every 20 feet or so, causing the trailer to be going down when your truck is going up and vice versa. It is like a bucking bronco. That meant a lot of slowing down to 25 or 30 miles an hour. When you have 290 miles to travel, that makes for a longer day.

We finally got to the Alaska border where a couple from the Chicago area was taking pictures at the Welcome to Alaska sign, so we got them to take some pictures of the two of us together. See photos to come later. The road got a lot better in Alaska. The US Customs was quick and easy. We continued on to Tok, Alaska where we checked in for the night. We were exhausted by then, but the bad karma for the day wasn't quite over. The cable TV was partially down and the wi-fi connection was expensive with a limited capacity. As it turned out, the owner of the RV Park has her permanent home right around the corner from our home in Idaho Falls.

I got my Alaska fishing license along with a new baseball cap and t-shirt. I am so ready for Alaska. Tomorrow we move on to Fairbanks, where we will rest up for a few days.

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