Monday, September 9, 2013

28 Days On The Job

Yesterday was 4 weeks into our new Camp Hosting adventure.  The time is flying by because we are having so much fun.  I don’t remember any “job” I have ever had that is this enjoyable.  Our work environment is to die for and the tasks are not difficult.  The pace is slow (most of the time) and we are not stressed in any sense of the word.  The Labor Day weekend was a bit hectic for short periods of time spread out over the first two days.  Sometimes a lot of campers would arrive at the nearly the same time, have a lot of questions and needed help finding their spots if they had a reservation; or finding an open spot if they did not have a reservation.

By Monday afternoon, the park looked and felt pretty empty.  On Tuesday we did the laundry and shopping for food supplies and had lunch at a local Chinese Restaurant, China Gorge.  We were not impressed with the buffet and it seemed a bit pricey to us.  Also took a trip to Laurance Lake.   There is a small tent campground there.  The lake is quite small.  Here are some pictures:

IMG_7128  IMG_7137

             The stream feeding the lake                                        Rosie on the stump Smile

IMG_7140  IMG_7139

            Entrance to the campground                                            Typical campsite

After the trip to the lake, we stopped at McIsaac’s Market in Parkdale.  This is a great grocery market for a town that is two blocks long.  They have many products usually found in major supermarkets and they have locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables.

IMG_7141  IMG_7144

      Part of the deli case                                                              Rosie picking out some local pears

IMG_7145  IMG_7146

           Local fruit (not the pineapple)                                                              Local wines

One day Rosie took the camera out to get pictures of the local berry plants:

IMG_7094  IMG_7096

IMG_7097  IMG_7101

The locals tell us the berries are not edible, but they sure look pretty.

On Saturday, we met a couple from Chico California who are about to become full time RV’rs.  Mike and Sharon Porro haven’t gone through the “sell the house and everything in it” process, but it is under serious discussion and planning.  We shared a campfire on Sunday night and had a wonderful conversation.  I am sure we will cross paths again in the future.

Today we confirmed our return to this campground in 2014 for the months of April, May, most of August, September and most of October.  That will give us time for a month in Idaho Falls, my family reunion in early July, and 4 weeks in Colorado most of July and a few days in August.  This workcamping is very helpful to our budget since we have no camping expense and minimal fuel consumption during our time here.  With the slow economy having a negative affect on my self employment, the reduction in living expense is welcome.

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