Friday, September 27, 2013

Visiting Germans and Cooling Weather

Our friends from Germany arrived on Monday.  They had flown into Vancouver, Canada for a tour of Canada; but they made a special detour down to visit us before heading back up north to tour Vancouver Island.  We have stayed in their home in Germany twice and they have stayed with us in California and Colorado.  It was good to see them again.  We last saw them in Germany in 2003.  It was a bit cozy having 4 adults and 2 dogs in our camper, but it worked out very well for three nights.  We took them shopping with us on Tuesday and then to Multnomah Falls near Portland on Wednesday.  Wednesday evening they took us out to dinner at Valley BBQ in Parkdale.  The rest of the time was for conversation, watching slide shows of our mutual travels, eating and sitting by a fire.




The weather is getting cooler.  We have had 2 mornings in the ‘30’s this week.  We pulled out the extra comforter to put on the bed.  Now we are nice and cozy as we snuggle in at night.  We don’t leave the heat on overnight so it is a bit chilly for a few minutes in the morning until the heater takes the chill out of the camper.  The cool weather is affecting the campers.  We have had some cancellations of reserved sites and the drop in traffic has diminished.  This makes life for us easier, but on the other hand the County staff that is usually here daily has been laid off for the winter.  We now have a County person here for 1/2 day during the week and no one on weekends.  That means we are more diligent on bathroom and shower maintenance, but the downturn on the number of campers reduces the need for camp site cleaning.  With the cool weather has come some rain, so firewood sales are also down.

We head back to Idaho Falls three weeks from Sunday.  Thanks for stopping by.


Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

We love the "fall" weather, also the fewer campers in the campgrounds. Great picture of the falls.

Alpenliter said...

Hi Jim & Rosie! How did the firewood supply hold out this year? Did you run out? We are still in Montana, but leave Monday for Spokane. Glad you are enjoying the joy that is Tollbridge! See you in the Spring! Jim & Linda

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

Hi Jim and Linda. We went through about half of the firewood. Heard you are going to brave the weather in Spokane this winter. Brrrr! See you in April. Jim and Rosie