Monday, November 5, 2012

Pine Acres Blue Lakes RV Resort

A serene, peaceful lakeside resort about 20 miles east of Ukiah, California on Highway 20.  The water is calm.  You can see the entire perimeter of the lake from our site.  This is slow season so we have the place almost entirely to ourselves; except for the multitudes of ducks:


The rate is a little pricey ($33 plus $4 for the pooches) considering the uneven sites with old 30 amp electric and a water hookup.  On the plus side, the staff is extra friendly and helpful.  The lady in the office worked with me for about 30 minutes guiding us into our site.  Here are some pictures of the lake and the site:

IMG_6025  IMG_6026

We do have satellite access and 3 to 4 bars on Verizon; so we are connected to the world in this peaceful setting.

On our way here we took a little side trip off of highway 101 to the Avenue of the Giants road.  The redwoods here are incredibly thick and some of the trees are huge.  We often thought we would like to camp in the redwoods, but once you see an actual campground, you realize that it is very dark here at noon, so we took that off of our desired camping experience list.   We stopped for lunch at a Visitor Center parking lot.  Here are some pictures:

IMG_6009  IMG_6016IMG_6013  IMG_6022

Today, we found a nice Chinese Restaurant in Lakeport for lunch and then went shopping at a very well stocked Safeway.  We are here until Friday when we start the 3 day run to Santa Paula in So. Cal.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Laurie and George said...

We really like northern CA. Being a CA girl myself, we'll be visiting that area a lot while we're out there next year.