Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is mid-morning after Turkey Day and my tummy swelling is starting to diminish a little.    Old habits, including bad habits, are difficult to break.  Every Thanksgiving I have double portions of everything, including the real weight inducing culprit, apple pie ala mode.  Our daughter, Heidi, made an apple pie from scratch and it was so gooooood, I could not stay away from it.  I even brought an extra slice home for indulgence today.  Here is a picture of us with our daughters and one of our grandsons from yesterday:


Tyler (with Scooby), me, Michelle, Rosie and Heidi.

We are visiting each of our 3 kids homes in 3 consecutive days.  Yesterday was Heidi’s in Simi Valley; today will be at Karl’s in Lancaster; tomorrow will be at Michelle’s in Pine Mountain Club.  I may have to do the fasting thing on Sunday to recover.

Back at the KOA, an amazing thing happened while we were away on Wednesday, the campground filled up in one afternoon.  Apparently, California RVer’s like to pack up the motorhome and head for a campground for Thanksgiving.  Big rigs everywhere, big families and some cross site pedestrian traffic indicating extended families and friends out enjoying the sunny California weather on the weekend.  Wednesday morning there were about 6 of us extended stay folks in this loop and the other two loops were empty.  Now they are all full.  Came back last night after dark and there were campfires everywhere.  Everyone appears to be having a wonderful Holiday at KOA.

I am thankful for many things; Rosie is recovering from her injuries (and is not paralyzed) from her fall back in October; all of our kids are in good health; our two grandsons appear to be growing up normally and excelling in academics and sports; we are in a warm weather area and I don’t have to shovel snow, or wear winter outerwear; and we are not experiencing any serious repair challenges to our home on wheels.  I did have to replace our toilet seal yesterday morning, not a pleasant task, but not a high cost item.

I hope all of you are having as good a Holiday as we are.  Thanks for stopping by.


Laurie and George said...

It has been a nice Thanksgiving. Glad you were able to spend with family!

TexCyn said...

What a wonderful holiday you are having! And with a beautiful family to boot - Happy Holidays!

It kind of sounds like fun being at a campground full of good times. Soon, they'll all leave & life will be calm again.

kcgaz said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving, you can start the diet on Monday!