Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our trip starts with a bang; and a CT Scan

The day before our departure date for South Dakota and Colorado I did a really dumb and clumsy thing.  I was walking around the camper parked in front of our house.  I had my gaze on the ground and my mind on my next task.  I ran my forehead smack dab into the open bedroom slide on the camper.  That knocked me out.  I fell backwards hitting the back of my head on the pavement.  I came to with one of my neighbors kneeling over me asking if he should call 911.  I said “No, I don’t think so, but let me lie here for a minute and think about this”.   I was dazed, numb and had tingling sensations in my neck, shoulders and upper arms.  He helped me to my feet and I went in the house and told Rosie she should drive me to the Emergency Room.   The first thing they did after giving me an initial evaluation and hearing my story, was to put me in a neck brace.  Those darn things are exceptionally uncomfortable.  I was in the neck brace for 3 hours; first waiting to get into the room for a CT Scan, then waiting for a doctor to come in and give me the results.  I was a worried dude.  Finally, a nice doctor walks in, reaches to remove the neck brace and says “I ‘m the good news guy”.  I did not have a concussion or a broken neck.  What a relief that was.  He also gave a full thumbs up to driving, even pulling a fifth wheel, the next day.  I had been lying there in Bed 16 of the Idaho Falls Regional Medical Center Emergency Room fully expecting that the trip was off; and my camping days were over.  So dramatic!  Anyway, my fears were not grounded.  I survived the experience with some shoulder and neck pain, sorta like whiplash, only whiplash while walking.

This morning we pulled out of Idaho Falls about 8:00 am.  We headed east for Jackson Hole and then north alongside the Grand Tetons to Moran Junction.  Then east over the mountains, with Highway 26 undergoing major construction, to Dubois, WY.


The Snake River south of Jackson


The Grand Tetons over the top of my truck.   Sorta goes with the Alpenlite decals, eh!


A buffalo next to the road on the way.  Rosie is getting to be a great wildlife photographer.

We arrived at the The Longhorn Ranch and RV Resort about 2:30.  This was our second visit here this year.  When we were here in June, the river next to the campground was rising.  Now it has subsided to something more resembling normal.  We really like this campground, but their rates went from $29 in June to $45 in August.  Ouch!  However the setting is great.  The dogs love it.  Rosie loves it.  What could be better?

IMG_4218        IMG_4221

               The river.                                                               Our site in the shady trees.

I now have to show off our little Annie’s new look.  We took her to the groomer for a bath and a hair cut.  She is a different gal.


Tomorrow morning we continue east to Douglas, WY.  I have a couple of farm inspections for an insurance company along the way.  I will be back with you in a couple of days.

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