Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chadron State Park, Northwest Nebraska

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We discovered this little gem quite by accident several years ago.  For a short while, about 10 years back, my mother lived a half mile down the highway from the entrance to this park.  I made a mental note of it when we made a trip to visit her.  After we got our first camper, we stopped here on the way from our home in Colorado to the family reunion in South Dakota.  We liked it a lot at the time and vowed to return someday.  Well, last Saturday was someday.  We have been here for 3 days now and it is as wonderful as we remembered it.  The sites are large and well spaced, with 30 amp electrical hookups.  There are flush toilets, showers and a laundry room about 100 feet from the campsite.  There is an extensive trail system; and we have taken the puppies on some of the shorter trails.  We may even try a longer trail before we head out of here on Thursday morning.
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Rosie is always happy at a trailhead.                                        Our camper is in the center of the picture.

The only thing that has me a little grumpy is no television.  There is nothing from the “over the air” antenna on the camper.  I spent more than an hour trying to find the DirectTV satellite; but there are too many trees and the hills to the south are too high to get a good shot at the satellite.  The access to the internet via my Verizon air card is spotty; sometimes good, most of the time not at all, and it is not predictable when it will be good or it will be bad.  There is a reliable good reception area in the park about a mile from our site.  If I absolutely must send/receive anything, I just drive up there for a few minutes to get it done.  However, I have been able to work from the site most of the time.

Yesterday, I took Sammy and Annie for a ride into Chadron to run a few errands; refill one of the camper propane tanks, refuel the truck, pick up some groceries and go to the post office.  The puppies always enjoy going for a ride.  Of course, whenever I get a newspaper, I give it to Sammy to carry into the camper and he gets a treat.  Of course, it is only fair to give Annie a treat also, even though she didn’t “earn” it.  Typical female, living off the fruits of the labor of a  male Smile.

The weather here, for the most part, has been good.  We have had a few night time sprinkles.  Last night the wind blew hard enough to shake the camper for about an hour; along with some lightning and thunder.  Yesterday was hot; 97 degrees.  The camper AC got a workout keeping us cool.  We had a great moonrise on Sunday night.  A big, orange colored full moon rose out of the trees, keeping us entertained for about 20 minutes.
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It seems I will survive my mishap of last Wednesday.  The pain and tingling sensation in my arms has diminished and the dull, throbbing ache in my shoulders and neck has dissipated.  The only part that still hurts is my right shoulder.  That could be from driving (with my right arm) and/or the fall on Wednesday could have triggered a relapse of an old shoulder injury from an auto accident when I was 16 ( a bazillion years ago).  Anyway, Aleve seems to be handling that nuisance pain.

I got a fair amount of maintenance work done on the camper this morning while it was cool.  Cleaned off the bugs from the front cap and cleaned up the road dirt on the lower front that we picked up going through construction zones on Highway 26 in Wyoming.  Even spent about an hour tightening loose screws (not the ones in my head).

Thursday morning we hitch up and head east to my family reunion in Colome, South Dakota.  We always enjoy our reunion time.  I will blog again from there.

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