Wednesday, July 6, 2011

California or bust!

Here we are; off on a thousand mile trek to the Golden State.  Home of our children and grandchildren.

After a great dinner party hosted by our friends, Joe and Anne Hayes on July 4th, we pulled out of Idaho Falls about 9:30 on Tuesday, July 5th.  Our first stop on the journey is Three Island Crossing State Park in Glenn’s Ferry, ID.  This is a spot where the early pioneers chose to cross the Snake River with their stock and covered wagons.   We haven’t gone to the Interpretive Center yet, but my understanding is there are 3 islands in the river at this point that made crossing easier.  A walk along a trail this morning also shows the water is calm and appears to be shallow.  Considering the Snake River continues to run very high and fast, it was surprising to see the calmness of the water.


This is a beautiful State Park Campground.  Mature trees and lots of green grass in between well spaced sites with level asphalt pads along with 30 amp electric and water hookups.


Of course the electricity makes it possible to enjoy one of the pleasures of modern life; satellite television.  The Verizon cell connection is good so we have phones and internet.  All for $11.00 a night (senior rate and Idaho residency discount). 

After about an hour or so of air conditioned comfort in the camper, I made the error of overtaxing the 30 amp circuit.  I had turned on the electric hot water heater, the crock pot was going with dinner, the air conditioning was going and then; I put some bread in the toaster.  The second I pushed down the toaster handle, everything shut down.  I went out to the electric post and reset the circuit breaker; no power.  So we ate dinner wondering what we should do next.  I kept trying to reset the breaker; no change.  I took Rosie’s hair dryer out to the post and plugged it in; no power.  So I drive up to the campground host site at the upper level campground.  No campground host is home.  Went back to the site to ponder some more.  Went back to the campground host site at six pm; no host is in.  I met another couple wanting to see the host about the exact same issue; AC for a while, then nothing.  On my way back down to our site, I noticed large electrical boxes in the campground.  I went to one of them and they were actually open (not locked).  There was a circuit breaker for each of the numbered electrical poles.  The numbers on this box did not include our site.  I went to our site and spotted a box nearby.  I opened the box and “yahoo”, there is a circuit breaker for Pole 75 that is tripped.  I reset it and we had power once again.  I went back up to  the upper campground to let the other people know what I had discovered.  As I was pulling in, the campground host and his wife returned to their site.  I found the people that I had met earlier and told them what I had found out.  He went to talk to the Host while I chatted a bit with his wife.  Turns out they are from Bend, Oregon; one of our favorite places on the planet.  Small world!

The rest of the evening was uneventful.  We got a good nights sleep and went for a walk this morning on a trail along the river.

IMG_4090         IMG_4095

After our walk I drove into town to refuel and get a local paper.  The rest of today has been pretty typical, me taking care of business and Rosie cleaning the inside of the camper and cleaning the windows.  I have been more diligent and aware of electrical limitations, so no drama so far today.  One more day here and we head south for Wild Horse Reservoir in northern Nevada for two nights of boondocking (no power).

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