Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cody to Flaming Gorge

My Monday appointment was with a company that has developed a special lever action rifle.  They will be going into production at their plant in Cody this year.  I really get to see some interesting things in my insurance inspection work.  After my appointment, I wrote two reports and then we chilled out at the campground.  We took the pooches for a long (my definition)/short (Rosie’s definition) walk.  Had a guy pull into the site across the rode from us that lives north of Bishop, California.  He was interesting to talk with; he had been in a lot of places that we had also traveled.  I also had a nice conversation with a man from Alberta, Canada.
Tuesday morning we hit the road for Flaming Gorge National Forest Recreation Area.  We are set up in a place called Firehole Campground.  The close up landscape is small, scrubby plant life and a lot of sandy, desert type soil.  The views, however, are pretty spectacular:
IMG_4064  IMG_4075
View from the recliner inside the camper.                                     View from a short distance away.

We had a lot of fun fitting the camper in a space designed many years ago when campers were not quite so big.  We did manage to get squeezed into place though.  These sites were set up with a sheltered, partially covered picnic table area.
IMG_4072   IMG_4089

We munched away on grilled turkey burgers and potato chips.  Dessert was a new lite ice cream from Wal-Mart.  Small individual portions that are quite tasty and low-cal at 150 calories each.  It was a little warm when we arrived, but began to cool down about 8:00 pm.  By nightfall it was comfortable for sleeping with just a couple of open windows providing a breeze in the bedroom.
Wednesday morning the sun was shining on the canyon walls to our west and the air and the water were dead calm.  It was really spectacular.  For the first time on this trip, we sat outside with our coffee looking at the view and letting the dogs run around in our sight at all times.  There are not many others camped here.  Two sites have tent campers and that is all besides us.  I had two inspections to do in nearby towns, so I headed out about 7:30 am.  I found a Starbucks in Rock Springs where I could use their internet to take care of e-mail and fill orders from my Internet business.   
After the two inspections, I returned to the campground about 3:30.  It had been windy and warm all day.  Rosie and the puppies had been for two “long” walks, so the puppies were pooped.  I still got a glorious reception on my arrival.  Doggie love is so special.
The wind is picking up as a I write this and there were a few rain sprinkles.  I am grilling pork chops for dinner and we hope to eat outside if the wind calms down (which it should).  Tomorrow we head for home.  I have an appointment at the Chevy dealer for my last complimentary oil/lube jobs on the truck.  I don’t know why, but last year, Chevy sent me a coupon for 4 free oil changes from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.
Next Monday is the 4th of July and we are a attending a dinner party at our friends, Joe and Anne’s home.  Tuesday morning we hit the road for southern California where we will sit in one place for 8 days while I do some work and we visit family and friends.  The blog will continue next week from Three Island Crossing State Park near Glenn’s Ferry, ID.

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