Friday, August 1, 2014

Sooner Than We Thought!

Another episode in an Emergency Room, this time in Lakewood, CO, accelerated our plans to come off the road.  Rosie was not feeling well so we went to a clinic, who sent her to the ER with concerns about her heart.  The ER tests ruled out heart problems.  It turned out to be a reaction to a too drastic reduction in the dosage on her thyroid medication.  So we decided to pull the plug on the RV lifestyle while in the ER waiting for test results.

We left Colorado 2 weeks early for Idaho Falls.  This week we found a condo we liked and were able to get it financed.  Expected closing date is August 22nd.  So we will go from 320 sq. ft. to 1,052 sq. ft.   It will seem like a palace to us.  The pooches won’t know how to act with all that room, and there is a fair sized deck also.

So our camper and truck will go on the market in about a month. 

Thanks for following along all these years.

The end.


Merikay MacKenna said...

It happens. Hope you enjoy the condo for many years to come.

TravelBug Susan said...

You know what is best for your situation. Happy for you that you were able to spend some time on the road. Take care of yourselves. You will blog more, right??

Jim and Judy said...

Most of us in the RV lifestyle eventually get to the point you have reached. The great thing is you will not be saying," I wish we had...". You did it.