Thursday, October 18, 2012

On The Road Again!

That wonderful Willie Nelson song was running through my head this morning as we were driving south on Interstate 15 headed for Pocatello, Idaho where we would turn west towards the Oregon Coast.
I am really grateful that Rosie is recovering so far ahead of expectations considering the seriousness of having 6 broken ribs and 2 crack vertebrae in her back.  Here is a picture of her with a plethora of gifts sent from her hiking crew in Colorado.
There was a reality check this morning at Big O Tires in Idaho Falls.  We pulled in there for our annual tire rotation and balance on the camper.  Turns out both tires on the rear axle are wearing very unevenly on the edges; inside edge on one and outside edge on the other.  One of them was bad enough to warrant replacement.  So $256 later, we hit the road.  I do feel it is better to discover these potential problems early, before we have a blowout on a busy interstate; or remote back road.  Now I need to find a place to get my rear axle aligned.  Arghh!
So we pulled a bit over 300 miles today; a long day for us.  We prefer to max out at about 250 miles a day.  We are spending the night at the Country Corners RV Park.   The new owners, Scott Dolman and Carla Horton, purchased the RV Park 2 months ago after several years of full timing.  The park is clean and green.  Nicely mowed lawns between sites; good level sites and a large lawn area with park benches and a fenced doggie run.  Full hookups are $26 a night with a Good Sam discount.  Verizon service is excellent.  There is a clear shot of the southern sky for satellite dish setups.
IMG_5846  IMG_5844
This morning we hooked up in the dark so we could be the first in at Big O Tires.  Tomorrow morning we will take a more leisurely approach to our departure; maybe hit the road about 9:00 am.  Our destination is a County Park near Rufus, Oregon.
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Laurie and George said...

Rosie is looking good, especially under all those get well wishes :)

TravelBug-Susan said...

So happy to hear Rosie is progressing well. Give her my regards.


Jim and Judy said...

Good to hear Rosie's road to recovery is ahead of expectations. I have never thought about rotating the tires on the fiver, I am going to look into that.

kcgaz said...

Glad Rosie is doing so well, safe travels!