Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Good Life

Life is good at Deception Pass State Park in northwest Washington State. We arrived here on Friday about 3:30 in the afternoon. Our daughter Michelle arrived about 30 minutes later. Our friends, Randy and Michelle Vincent showed up about 5:30. We have a group campsite, meaning it is set up for 2 campers to share a large site. The sites here are wonderful; set in a thick forest, each site is spacious and separated by many trees from other sites nearby. If you didn't hear a bit of conversation or an occasional car/truck drive by; you would think you are out here all by yourself. The best part is the park has electric and water hookups for RV's and the Verizon service is good enough to get high speed internet access.

The ladies have been for many long walks along the lake shore. Randy and I have been fishing twice; resulting in a nice trout for each of us. There has been some good natured conversation and a lot of food sharing in the last few days. The locale includes several fresh water lakes as well as access to the Pacific Ocean. The weather has been great; sunny days, but not too hot. No rain or drizzle. No unusual overcast conditions.

It is late afternoon Sunday. Randy and Michelle have left to return home. Our Michelle is hanging around with her mom and dad for one more night before heading south for home in California. She is at the tail end of her 7 week, 29 state journey with Loren, a rescue pit bull.

We have decided to leave here a day early and make an additional stop in the mountains near a river about 50 miles away for tomorrow night.

I have received a request to post a picture of our new little Annie; so here it is. Ain't she cute.

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