Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Alaska Adventure 2008 - Day 1

After 4 days of 80+ degree temperatures in Idaho Falls, Wednesday morning is rainy and overcast with a high of 50 degrees predicted. We finished the final loading process and departed home about 10:30 am. We drove north and northwest through ranchland and open prairie, slowly approaching the mountains along the Salmon River. It is calving season and there are hundreds of new calves with their mom's grazing along the highway. There was even a cattle drive complete with cowboys on horses and dogs zipping in and out of the herd, trying to keep them in the desired direction.

Our trip today was short, about 185 miles. Our destination was the Wagonhammer RV Park north of Salmon, ID. We had received a call a few days before hand from the RV Park that we should give them a call from Salmon before we headed for the RV Park because they were just finishing a new bridge across a portion of the Salmon River. When we arrived, they were still about 15 minutes away from completion. The bottom line is that we were the first customers to drive across the new bridge. This event was documented in the photos sent out seperate from this blog entry.

All is going well on our first day out. The rig is functioning like it is supposed to. Sammy is happy to be traveling again; and so are we. This campground is very nice and we had a great social hour with the owners and some of their friends that are helping them out with running the park.

Tomorrow it is on to the KOA in Whitefish, MT. Friday we cross the border into Canada. I hope we have arranged our food and liquor supplies so we don't exceed Canadian limitations. Rosie hates to throw out food and I hate to pour out booze. :-)

However, I expect all to go well with the border crossing. We will probable get a wave through and all the worries will be for naught.

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JHIB said...

So what are the rest of us to do, WORK? Great picks. Howdy from John & Roni! I'll show Roni the picks tonight. You will enjoy Alaska...I wish for our trip we had used digital - a lot more versitility than film. Hope you guys enjoy the trip as Alaska is an amazing place. Take care.

John & Roni