Monday, March 31, 2014

It Rains in California

What a day.  We left Madera about 10 am and headed north on Hwy.99.  In Sacramento, we transitioned to I-5 northbound.  About an hour north of Sacramento, it started to rain.  Just a little at first, but as we went further north it became a steady rain requiring full time windshield wipers.  The last 100 miles or so of our trip was in the rain. 

The original plan was to get to Redding today, but that was a 306 mile drive.  So after studying the weather on my Weather App,  I decided we would stop in Corning, CA because it cut a little over 50 miles off the trip.  So glad I did; it would have been hell to drive another hour in that rain.  Then Barbie, our GPS, led us astray.  She took us to a farm field about 8 miles south of Corning and announced "You have arrived."   Well, I had scoped out the RV Park on Google Earth before we left and I knew right away this was not right.  She had us on the right road, just off by a few miles.  On the way to Heritage RV Park, I found diesel fuel for $3.989 at a station I could pull the rig through.  Anything under $4.00 is a good deal in California these days.

This RV Park is good for an overnight stay.  The sites are long and level, but pretty narrow.  Lots of long termers here though.  Set up in a light rain.  Was able to stay hitched to the truck so we can depart quickly in the morning.   It finally stopped raining after dinner, so I was able to take the pooches for a potty walk.  They were way past due what with 6 hours in the truck and very few places to stop along the way.

Rosie whipped up a great turkey meatloaf with baked potatoes and peas.  With a good meal and an adult beverage in the digestive tract, life is better.  Tomorrow we cross into Oregon.

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Susan Alton said...

Rain, rain, go away...

Having lived in the Portland, Oregon area for over 30 years, I feel your aggravation with a steady rain.