Friday, May 31, 2013

It Coulda Been Worse!

I think it is better to try to look on the bright side of mishaps.  Tuesday we were traveling up I-25 headed for our destination at Chatfield State Park in Littleton, CO.  As we approached Castle Rock, CO, with the cruise control set at 62 mph, I hear the unmistakable sound of a tire separating.   A quick glance at the right side mirror shows a big hunk of tire tread falling behind our travel path.  Uh Oh!  I thought one of the trailer tires had shredded.  I pulled over to the right side of the interstate at the top of an off ramp.  We get out to take a look and walk to the middle of the trailer to check the tires.  They are both fine, thank you.  So I look a little forward and see the right rear tire of the truck was completely missing it’s tread, BUT, it is still inflated with all the steel cord showing.  How lucky is that?  So I put on the emergency flashers and very slowly drive down the off ramp, turn right, go one block, turn right again and go 2 blocks to a convenience store/gas station with a large concrete parking lot.  I park the trailer and the truck in one corner of the lot and call Good Sam Emergency Road Service.  They promise to have someone there to change the tire within the hour.  When we get out to take another look, I realize all the damage that was done to the right rear quarter panel on the truck:

IMG_6882   IMG_6891

So while we are waiting I unhitch the fifth wheel so the tire can be changed and then I call Allstate to report the claim.  Thankfully this is considered a “comprehensive” claim ($100 deductible), not a “collision” claim ($500 deductible).  So what is the bright side of all this.  We were near an off ramp to a suburban area; the truck was driveable; the deductible was low; the tire changing guy was there within an hour; and we continued on our way.  We made it to our destination by4:00 pm.

Wednesday morning I go into a nearby Wal-Mart to tell them their tire came apart and show them the damage that was done.  To make a long story short, I ended up with a new set of $160 tires with a total discount of $150 off of the price of four tires plus the usual extras like stems, road hazard, and lifetime rotation and balance.  $750 minus $150 = $600.  That takes care of my deductible.

Thursday morning, I take Rosie to the home of one of her hiking buddies so she can participate in the weekly Thursday hike with all the girls.  Then I have a medical appointment with my former Primary Care Physician in Conifer, CO, to see what can be done about my ever increasing blood pressure.  I take my blood pressure three times a day with a small wrist unit.  It has been creeping up over the past 2 to 3 weeks despite my being on blood pressure medication.  After an examination and relaying all my current medical ailments and meds, the Doc gives me a prescription for an additional blood pressure medication.  After only two doses, my blood pressure readings are improving, still not great, but improving.  We shall see.

Rosie had a great hike with her friends in Roxborough State Park.  Here are some pictures:

IMG_6901  IMG_6898IMG_6908  IMG_6916

Today, Friday, was a very productive day for us.  I replaced the air filter on the truck and reassembled and stashed all the tire changing tools.  Rosie vacuumed the camper.  I straightened out the basement.  Chatfield State Park is quite large, with long pull through sites with level concrete pads and 20/30/50 amp electric hookups for $20 per night.  Full hook ups are available for $24, but cheap ole’ me says $4 times 14 nights is $56 that I would rather not spend.  I will hitch up and go to the dump station once to save $56.  Here are a couple of pictures of our site:

IMG_6918  Big site with fire pit and steel table


The view out of the door.

We have a busy couple of weeks here before we move about 10 miles to a City Park for another 2 weeks.

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Laurie and George said...

You guys were very lucky indeed! I'm sure that the sight of the damage could have sent your pressure up anyway!

Jim and Judy said...

As you stated "it could have been worse". Glad it was not more serious. Sure makes that Good Sam Emergency Service a great idea! Just curious, what was the age/mileage of tires?

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

The tires were 2 years old with 37,000 miles on them.

The BooneDocks said...

Glad it wasn't worse.