Sunday, April 7, 2013

Winslow, Arizona

Remember the line from the Eagle’s song, Take It Easy; “standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona”.  That tune starts going around and around in my head every time I think of Winslow.  Now here we are at Homovoni State Park just north of Winslow.  At night we can see the lights of Winslow and see the headlights of traffic on Interstate 40.  But it is very quiet here.  Big sites are well spaced and the camping pads are paved and level.  $20 for full hookups with 50 amps and $15 for a non-electric site with water.  A nice big steel picnic table/bench and a steel fire pit/grill.   There are not many campers here so it is really quiet.  We are enjoying the peacefulness.  There are some ancient (1,000 year old) Hopi Indian ruins in the Park and we drove over to see one today.

IMG_6593  IMG_6586

               Information Kiosk                                                                 Foundations of an ancient town.

IMG_6589  IMG_6584

              A little bit of a wall is still standing.                   The Rangers put pieces of ancient pottery on display. 

We set up last night on a site that just wasn’t quite right for me, so we moved this morning to a better site.  Only took about 30 minutes and now we have the picnic table on the correct side of the camper, no leveling pads needed and we have a north/south orientation so we can get some afternoon and evening shade on the “sitting” side of the camper. 

So far the 2 new batteries are holding out very well.  Last night we had enough light for reading from our new LED lights and having all the electronics plugged in except for the TV/Satellite Receiver.  The battery level was 79% this morning at 6 am.   I turned the furnace on for about 20 minutes and the fan on the furnace drew it down to about 60%.  Started the generator for about 10 minutes to make coffee and the battery level was back up to 70%.  We watched an hour of TV before we changed sites.  By 1:00 the batteries were 100% charged by the solar panels and we are good to go for the day.  We will be here until Wednesday so I am anxious to see how the batteries hold up over 4 days.

The weather is expected to cool down with a chance of wind and rain tomorrow.  Should make for an interesting sunset tonight or tomorrow night.   If so, I will post photos.

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Donna K said...

Sounds like a nice park. I like the sounds of "uncrowded" and "level" LOL!!

The BooneDocks said...

Are you going to see the meteor crater while in Winslow? We have always wanted to see it.

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

The admission price for seniors to the crater site is $15. That is more than we are willing to spend to see this feature

The BooneDocks said...

Wow had no idea they charged like that. Shame on em.