Friday, March 15, 2013

The Temperatures, They Are Arising!

It hit 100f today at our location.  At least that is what our outside thermometer read; and this is only mid-March.  The warmer it gets, I keep moving our departure date forward.  As of today, we plan to pull out of here on March 30th, two weeks from tomorrow.  If this heat keeps up, the electric bill from running the AC will break our bank Smile.

It was an interesting week.  Tuesday I managed to come in second in the Pool Tournament.  I have played more pool in the last 2 months than I played in the 20 years prior to that.  Tuesday was also the day we had two new rocker/recliners delivered.  We found them at the local outdoor market on sale for $250 each.  They were individual closeouts, so they are the same fabric, style and construction, but different colors.  They are a lot more comfortable than the original recliners.   The main motivation for replacing old recliners was bleach stains on the fabric, and doggie chewed fabric from Annie having a separation anxiety attack the first time we left them in the camper alone.  The pooches have now adjusted to being left alone for up to 3 hours with no consequences that we can see.

Wednesday was Texas Holdum poker.  For the first time this season, I lost my $5 entry fee.  Oh well, I have won money in the prior 3 games.

On Wednesday I was checking our bank account on line and found a charge of $78.20 from a local fuel station that was not a legitimate purchase.  We had stopped for fuel on the day of the charge and I had entered the debit/credit card into the fuel pump just before the computer system for the whole fuel station crashed.  I put the pump handle back in the pump and we went to another fuel station to get diesel.  Apparently when the computer system recovered, the person that filled up after me got his/her fuel on my debit card.  The credit union was very understanding and accommodating.  I had to file a “fraud” claim with the local sheriff’s office, which they said happens a lot.  Once I had a copy of the Police Report, I called the credit union with the Case Number and mailed the original police report to them.  By the way, a shout out to Idaho Central Credit Union; they are a fantastic banking institution with superior customer service.

Thursday morning we took Annie in for grooming.  She was looking pretty ragged, but she is a beauty now; all bathed, sheared and nail clipped.  Thursday evening we followed some friends out to Spook Mountain.  It is a place in the desert where there is a nightly phenomena of white misty “clouds” forming in a little valley after dark for a few minutes, then the “cloud” vanishes, only to reappear in another part of the valley.  Very strange, and no explanation has been found to date for the event.  According to our friends, National Geographic sent a team out to study this event and they were unable to come up with an explanation.  Here are some pictures  of our group before it got dark:



Every one is seated looking at the area where the misty clouds will appear after it gets dark.

This morning I had my weekly blood letting to test my viscosity for my Coumadin regimen.  I was right on target with an INR of 2.2 (it should be between 2 and 3).  My blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels were also quite normal; and I dropped another 2 lbs.  Now I have only one more check on the 28th just a couple of days before we leave.  This afternoon was another pool tournament; I came in 4th, losing the game by scratching on the 8 ball.  I hate when that happens.

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Laurie and George said...

Great on your blood results. You're doing terrific! So, did the white mist appear for all of you? :)

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

Yes, we all saw the white mist every time it appeared and we all saw it vanish when it went away. Very strange.

TravelBug-Susan said...

Another of those interesting phenomena like the Marfa lights, although those are more elusive.