Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Major Breakfast Event!

March 10th already.  Four weeks from today is our currently scheduled departure from Yuma.  I say currently because RV travel plans can be written in Jello at times.  I continue to have weekly blood work done to check my “viscosity” level.  My last check on Friday showed an INR of 1.7.  It should be between 2.0 and 3.0.  So my Coumadin dose is nudged up to 3 MG a day.  All the other measures are good including blood pressure and heart rate.  The erratic heartbeat is reduced, so corrective measures other than medication may not be necessary.  That is really good news.

This morning we were invited to join 3 of our Canadian neighbors in a joint breakfast effort.  One of our neighbors had picked up an old used flat top grill somewhere and cleaned it up.  So the eight of us got together and grilled bacon, sausage, potatoes, onions and pancakes.  I prepared scrambled eggs and eggs to order.  Someone else ran the toaster and it all came together about 10:00 am.  What a feast. 

IMG_6490  IMG_6496IMG_6498  IMG_6500

Did I mention the screwdrivers (Vodka and OJ) for some?  Unfortunately, screwdrivers are on my “not to do” list, so I missed out. IMG_6495











In other news, we forked out some money yesterday for the camper.  We had the camper power washed, hand de-oxidized and hand waxed ($175) plus having the truck washed and waxed ($25).  After a $20 tip, we were $220 into cleaning and polishing.  Then we went to the local large swap meet and found two new rocker recliners to replace the two in the camper that Annie managed to mangle during a “separation anxiety” episode last year.  They are not identical in color, but are identical in construction, design and fabric.  Since they were “one of a kind” floor models being closed out, we got them for $250 each.We had found similar items in RV Furniture stores that were well over $500 each, so we felt pretty good about our find.  They will be delivered to our site on Tuesday.

I continue to enjoy billiards and poker while Rosie does the aqua exercise thing every weekday.  We are taking the dogs out to the desert every other day or so to let them run.  They really enjoy that off leash time.

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Merikay said...

Your time in Yuma looks like it has been very nice. I hope we get to spend some time around there in the years to come. So many places to see! I think Craig and I will be park people rather than boondockers most of the time. Give me access to a good warm pool and I'm a happy lady.

BJ said...

That lloks like a serious breakfast!! I would like to try boondocking but I feel safer in a park. We ususally stay at Pilot Knob RV Park just across the river in Winter Haven.

Laurie and George said...

I really enjoy getting together with other RVrs for a meal. Fun!

Jim and Judy said...

That sounded like my kind of breakfast, good food and good company!

RVAGOGO said...

Now that is my kind of breakfast!