Thursday, February 7, 2013

Catching Up!

Wow!   A whole week has gone by since I last wrote anything on this blog.  I am really getting lazy here in the sunny desert in Yuma.  The weather is conducive to napping, reclining, strolling and relaxing in general.  It is hard to believe that it is cold and snowing back in the great frozen north.  So what else have we been doing?

RV cleaning services in Yuma are very reasonable.  I had the camper and my truck power washed, including window cleaning on both for $35.  Also had the carpets in the camper steam cleaned for another $35.  I got a bid to have the whole camper de-oxidized and hand waxed for $175.  That is a lot of work on a fifth wheel this size.  I am planning to get that done in March after we get our tax refunds.

Rosie is becoming a regular participant at the 9:00 am aqua exercise program at the main pool.  I have entered two billiards tournaments and played in two Texas Holdum poker games.  I don’t last long in the billiards games; got some real pool sharks down here.  Canadians must grow up in pool halls.  We have participated in two pot luck dinners and one ice cream social.  The pooches are getting accustomed to the routine walks along the perimeter of the park.  Everybody gets a little exercise.

Today we took a day trip into California to check out the Pilot Knob BLM Long Term Vehicle Access (LTVA) area.  We decided we liked the boondocking area around Quartzite better.  We also checked out two RV Parks/Resorts and concluded we liked it better right where we are.  The other two places were a little lower on the monthly rent, but the sites were smaller and the amenities were not as nice.

Tomorrow I am going to check out Starlight Solar Power Systems here in Yuma.  They specialize in RV solar, batteries, converters, inverters, etc.  They got a very complimentary review online so I am hopeful they can help me get back into boondocking capability without breaking the bank.

We learned Monday that our application to be Campground Hosts at Tollbridge County Park near Hood River, Oregon, was accepted.  We are so excited to try this workcamping gig.  It doesn’t pay wages, but we get a full hookup site with 50 amps for free the whole time we will be there, which is about 10 weeks.  That is a lot of money we won’t need to spend for camping fees and truck fuel.  They also provide us with a golf cart and all the firewood we can burn.  Of course, part of the job description is splitting and stacking firewood which we will sell to campers.

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Laurie and George said...

Congrats on the camphost position! That is a lovely area of Oregon. We'll be on the opposite side, in Hebo, for the summer at a fish hatchery. Looking forward to it.