Friday, December 7, 2012

The Murals of Santa Paula

Santa Paula is a small community about 10 miles inland from the Pacific Coast.  Their next door neighbor, Ventura, is more well known.  Santa Paula was founded as a town  with a population under 200 in 1872, named after the Catholic Saint Paula.  The current population is around 30,000.  It is known as the Citrus Capital of the World.

The Ventura Oaks KOA, where we have set up temporary residence, is about 4 miles north of town.  In our wanderings through town running errands, we noticed a number of very attractive murals adorning some of the retail buildings downtown.  Rosie thought it would be a great subject for a blog.  So today, we drove around town capturing highlights.  Here are some pictures:









This is the old train station.  It is now the Chamber of Commerce.

Here are the RV Budget numbers for November:

Camping – $585 ($19.50 per night)

Diesel Fuel when pulling – $298.00

RV  Repairs/Service – $27 (toilet repair kit)

Generator Gas/Propane - $65 (all propane)

Satellite TV/Radio – $103

Total = $1,078.00

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Laurie and George said...

What great murals! Thanks for sharing.

Jim and Judy said...

That is a great area.

Roger Amick said...

I may just have to visit for those two days, even without fishing on the agenda.

Roger Amick said...

I didn't make it this year. But next.. :-) I am looking forward to the next update.