Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wyoming Central!

Except for Yellowstone Park and Teton Park, Wyoming is a pretty desolate place.  Rawlins Wyoming is in the center of that desolation.  After spending 2 days in Cheyenne, we pulled the 150 miles to Rawlins today and are set up in RV World Campground.
Given the treeless prairie surrounding Rawlins, this is a nice campground.  There is some grass here.  Our site was nearly level and plenty long.  There is a large enclosed dog run to let the pooches off leash to do their thing.  The satellite reception is incredible as there is nothing to get in the way of the signal.  To top it off, the managers on duty today, David and Sheila Knapp, are a wonderful couple with big smiles and a very friendly demeanor.  The electric only site rate here is about $21 per night with Good Sam discount.  On top of all that, the weather is wonderful; temperatures in the high 70’s with a low of 48 predicted for tonight and tomorrow morning.  We are so happy to be out of high temperatures and high humidity.  We ate dinner outside on the picnic table tonight.  I think the last time we ate outside was in West Yellowstone in May.

We will be here until Wednesday.  Why, you ask, are we in the middle of nowhere Wyoming for 4 nights?  Well, I have work appointments here on Tuesday.  We could have stayed in Cheyenne, but we were paying $34 a night there, so it is a no-brainer to move here and pay $21 per night when you are living on our budget.  Sitting here in my “office” I can see the traffic on Interstate 80 going by.  It is incredible how many big rig trucks go by every minute.  We are far enough away so we don’t hear the traffic noise inside the camper, so sleeping should be wonderful.  Rosie put an extra comforter on the bed in anticipation of much cooler nights.

Here are a few more pictures of the park:
IMG_5770  IMG_5773
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Laurie and George said...

Big open spaces..looks like a nice park!

Jim and Judy said...

When I rode my Harley out there in 07 I was told the "telephone/powerpole" is the state tree of wyoming!!