Saturday, August 25, 2012

Return To Idaho

Having completed a great circle through Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming again, we are back in Idaho at the Riverside Park Campground at the base of the dam on the Palisades Reservoir.


A photo from the archives.  We are in the center of the picture.

Upon leaving Rawlins on Wednesday, we decided to pull all the way through to this spot instead of stopping at the Montpelier Canyon Campground near Montpelier, Idaho.  When I checked the Verizon Coverage Map, I discovered there was no cell service there.  For business reasons, and personal preferences, we really like to have cell and internet connections wherever we camp.  The trip from Rawlins to here was 346 miles; about 100 miles further than we prefer to pull the trailer in one day.  We are here for two reasons; one is I had work to do yesterday in Jackson Hole, WY which is about 50 miles away, and I have some work in Dubois, WY on Monday which is about 150 miles away; the second reason is the rate here for Golden Age Passport holders is $8 a night with electricity.  So we are going to stay here seven nights before we return to Idaho Falls for a month.  I will also get a chance to utilize my Idaho Fishing License.

While moving from Colorado to Wyoming I discovered that my power steering fluid level was very low.  I must have a serious leak in a hose somewhere because I have used up three small containers of power steering fluid in about 600 miles.  I have a large container on standby to get us into Idaho Falls and my preferred diesel mechanic, Richards Diesel Service.  The tip of my oil dipstick has also disappeared into the oil reservoir somewhere, so I need to drain the oil to get that out of the pan.  I suppose this all goes with the territory of having a 9 year old truck with 218,000 miles on it.

This morning, I noticed our little terrier Annie staring at the area between the couch and the wall.  I have seen that look before when we were walking in large grassy areas.  So I got out a flashlight and checked behind the couch and sure enough, there was a little mouse staring back up at me.  So down to the store to pick up mouse traps.  I prefer Decon, but small convenience stores have limited inventories.  Rosie was wondering if Annie is part cat Smile.

It is nice to be back in cool weather, but there is a good strong wind coming from the east and it is a little too cool for comfort outside.  I hope it dies down so I can go drown some worms later today.

Thanks for stopping by.


TexCyn said...

Oh admit it, ya'll are lost! We all know what it means when you drive in circles, yours just happens to be a little bigger than most. So now you're filling the void by telling us of things to do...uh huh. You're lost, admit it!

Laurie and George said...

Yikes, sounds like you need to train Annie to fetch mice :) Nice campsite too..

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

Update on mouse patrol. I set out 2 standard mousetraps yesterday. This morning I had 2 dead mice in same mousetraps. Who knows how long the little buggers have been with us! Will set traps out again tonight and see what happens.

BTW Laurie and George, I think mousing must be part of Terrier dna; she did catch a field mouse when we were at Keyhole State Park in Wyoming. She pounced on it just like you see foxes pouncing on the nature videos.