Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cool! Finally!

What a difference 4,000 feet in elevation makes.  Friday we left Lakewood, Colorado at 5,000 feet and slowly climbed our way to our new destination in the mountains overlooking Evergreen, Colorado at just over 9,000 feet.  Daytime temperatures went from 96 F. to 78 F.  This morning it was 49 F at 6:30 am.  We actually turned on the heater to take off the chill.  Sleeping with covers is a real change of pace for us.

Our longtime friends, Loren and Marie Scribner, had invited us to camp in their driveway for the weekend.  Loren has been building this house for the last several years as a personal project.  He designed the home and has placed every piece of wood and many other components of the home into place with his own hands.  He contracted the electrical and plumbing, but the rest of the home has been a labor of love.


I made a mighty effort to back down his driveway, but the angles were too steep.  I ended up setting up camp on a wide spot in the road just above the house.


I was a bit concerned about camping on a public road, but this spot is near the end of the road.  Traffic going by is less than 10 vehicles a day and I left plenty of room for traffic.  Anyway, we have been here two nights and no knock on the door by a local Sheriff’s Deputy.  It has been a very relaxing weekend and we are headed out tomorrow for a forest service campground near Black Hawk, Colorado, about 30 miles away.

Rosie and Marie worked at the same bank in Evergreen for many years before Rosie retired.  Marie retired a month ago.  Today, Gloria, another friend from the bank came over to visit and we had a wonderful time.  Unfortunately, I think my waistline has expanded a wee bit.  Marie has been stuffing homemade brownies ala mode down my throat for two days.  Rosie says I have not resisted very hard.  Well, tomorrow I will get back to my regular dining habits of no dessert.

Mountain living is a bit different than city or country living.  Besides the altitude, there is an abundance of wildlife in the woods.  Every morning about 6:30 Marie places appropriate feed out for the local deer population.  They even eat right out of her hand.

IMG_5751  IMG_5752

Birds also frequent the feeders on the deck:

IMG_5724  IMG_5740

I leave you with a group photo and some of the beautiful detailed features of this home:


IMG_5712  IMG_5713

IMG_5745  IMG_5746

Thanks for stopping by.


Laurie and George said...

What a beautiful house and area. Very cool that the deer come right up to feed.

TexCyn said...

Love the house. It really does look like a nice place to stay. I probably would not want to leave very quickly. Imagine that, deer eating out of the palm of your hand. So cool!