Sunday, July 22, 2012

Still HOT!

It shows 104F on our outdoor thermometer reading and the official Weather Channel app says it is 102F in Sidney, Nebraska.  Either one is tooooo hot for this guy.  Rosie ain’t loving it either.  We are both swearing never to spend any more time than necessary in SD, NE, CO or WY in July and August.  This is the time to be on the Pacific Coast.  Yeah!  Next year there will be a different itinerary.  We will still make the reunion in early July, but it will be a quick drive from there to the coast of Oregon or Washington State.  The pooches aren’t too happy with the heat either. They are stretched out on the floor in the breeze created by the AC units blasting away.  

OK; enough whining already.

We are at the headquarters store of the world famous Cabela’s in Sidney, NE.  They have an RV Park here also.  There are electric only sites for $21 and full hookups for $30.  The full hookups also get a little patch of grass.  Us in the electric only sites get level gravel.


In addition to level gravel, we get a strong 50 amp connection to run both AC units at full blast to compensate for the heat outside.  Also get a great satellite line of site.  Not a tree in sight that is over 15 feet tall and none of those are to the south of our site.

For those of you not familiar with Cabela’s, it is a giant sporting goods store.  This is the headquarters and the “fanciest” of the retail stores.  I went in and took some pictures for you:  (as always, if you click on a picture, you get a bigger picture)

IMG_5534  IMG_5536IMG_5537  IMG_5539IMG_5541  IMG_5542

There is also a Wal-Mart Supercenter very close by, so it was stock up time.  The freezer is going to need defrosting soon, so we will have to reduce the freezer stocks in preparation for that. 

I have an inspection at a local warehouse tomorrow at 9:00 am, then have the rest of the day to write the report.  Tuesday am we head for Jackson Lake State Park east of Greeley, CO.  The weather forecast for that area is for highs in the lower 90’s.  Fantastic.  I can hardly wait.

Thanks for stopping by.


Merikay said...

We don't have Cabelas here, but I have been to one in Utah, and we get there catalogue. I'm not a hunter, or fisherwoman, but appreciate their selection of sports wear.

Merikay said...

I jus checked the weather at Yellowstone. It's in the 70's during the day and 50's at night. It's in Wyoming isn't it?

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

Yes, Yellowstone is in Wyoming; but it is in western Wyoming and at one of the higher elevations in Wyoming. The problem with Yellowstone for us is that we have been there a lot and pretty much seen it all. The summer crowds are overwhelming and it is expensive to camp in the Park.

We should be on the Oregon coast by mid September. Looking forward to it.

Laurie and George said...

Yeah, we have a Cabelas here too. Not a big hunting fan, but the place is awesome. We'll have to look into staying overnight in one on the way out to South Dakota.

Jim and Judy said...

On my first trip to the SD,& MT.and other plains states in 06 I was surprised at the oppressive heat even though I was used to it since I live down South. Did find relieve in the higher elavations of CO. My wife & I will be visiting my son in Portland, OR in mid Sept. That should give a little break from the heat and humidity.