Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh The Heat!

OK.  I am officially tired of 100 F temperatures.  It has been several weeks with temps in the high 90’s and low 100’s.  Enough already.  Unfortunately, the Weather Channel app on my Droid says it ain’t gonna get any better in the next 10 days in the areas we are planning to travel.  The only saving grace is that the humidity seems to lessen the farther west we travel.  Grump!  Grump!

We are at Johnson Lake State Recreation Area south of Lexington, Nebraska.  A nice State Park with good level sites with decent spacing.  The only challenge for us with bigger rigs is that the sites are set on a 90 degree angle from the road; and the road is fairly narrow.  Fortunately the Park Services staff are really nice and very helpful.  I was looking for a 50 amp site with a reasonably clear southern horizon to set up the satellite dish (no satellite access for the last 4 days was difficult for my needed cable news fix).  The staff showed me how to get into the only site that fit that description by going in the “wrong way” on the one way loop and pulling forward into the site instead of trying back into the site.  Since Wednesday is a slow day here, the “wrong way” drive was perfectly fine.  The cost here is $18 per night for electric only; plus a $5 per day State Parks Fee (annual pass is $25).  Here is our site:


Made a run into Lexington yesterday to stock up at Wal-Mart and drop off mail at the post office.  Found diesel fuel for $3.69, which is almost the lowest we have paid this year.  I did find diesel for $3.65 in Omaha. 

When we went into Wal-Mart we left the truck running with the AC on for the dogs.  When we came back to the truck, there was a car parked next to us with a beautiful Husky puppy inside.  The windows were rolled down only about 2 inches and the puppy was clearly in distress.  I notified Wal-Mart security and they came out and gave the store the make and license number of the car to announce on the PA system.  I was trying to put a slim stick down through the window opening to hit the door unlock button when the owners came back.  They were a very young couple and didn’t seem to understand what the fuss was all about.  Rosie and I both explained to them the dog could have a heat stroke in that kind of environment.  Neither one of the said a word (probably because the Wal-Mart security guy was standing beside us).  They got into the car and drove off.  How can people be so unaware???

Here are some pictures we took on our morning walk with the dogs.  It is reasonably cool in the shade until 9:00 am or so.

IMG_5515  IMG_5518IMG_5522  IMG_5525IMG_5529  IMG_5530

We leave Sunday for Sidney, Nebraska and will be setting up for two nights at Cabela’s RV Park.  I have a work assignment nearby on Monday.  Tuesday we head for Jackson Lake State Park in Colorado.

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Laurie and George said...

Looks like a nice spot! Great that they helped you get into the spot too.

Jim and Judy said...

The additional $5.00 per day runs the cost to $23.00 per day. At the last Ga State Park($25.00) the added daily $5.00 fee was only assessed the first day. The $25.00 annual fee would be a big help if you stay there only a few days.