Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two Month Anniversary

Yep!  We have been full timers for a whole two months now.  RV miles traveled so far; a whopping 481 miles.  Ok, so the first month was in an RV park 5 miles from our former home Open-mouthed smile.  Then we hung around locally for a couple more weeks working out bugs in our power systems and keeping local medical and other personal appointments.  But NOW we are getting serious.  Pulled the RV from Idaho to Montana to Wyoming in the last 12 days.  In another 10 days we will be in South Dakota.  We would be there sooner, but I am “working my way” east.

I was planning to spend two nights at the City Park in Lander, WY tonight and tomorrow night.  But when we arrived at the City Park this afternoon, it did not feel comfortable to either of us.  Kind of like setting up in a parking lot.  So, we pulled over to the Sleeping Bear RV Park and checked in for two nights.  Full hookups vs. boondocking; but $37 a night vs. free.  Oh well.  Such is life.  This is a nice park with friendly, helpful owners on duty, but sites are 10’ apart with a lot of long term residents.

We did get to a local Safeway Supermarket to get a few items prior to a Wal-mart visit scheduled tomorrow in Riverton, WY for a major replenishment.  Not much here in the way of scenic dog walks.  There is a trail along a small canal leading away from the campground.  We walked about a half mile down the trail when we saw a young buck deer with antlers in velvet chewing on the flowers in someone’s back yard.  Rosie keeps reminding me to take the camera everywhere.  One of these days, I may take that advice to heart.  No interesting pictures from the trip today or of our site.

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